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Geographic Entity
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Eastern Mediterranean
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Co 38 (Early Roman diassarion of Antoninus Pius from Argos)

Co 138 (Middle Roman dekassarion of Gallienus from Argos)

Co 253 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic bronze coin from Argos)

Co 414 (Early Roman diassarion of Hadrian from Argos)

Co 469 (Middle Roman diassarion of Caracalla from Argos)

Co 730 (Middle Roman assarion of Julia Domna from Argos)

Co 872 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic bronze coin of Argos)

Co 1133 (Early Roman hemiassarion(?) of Antoninus Pius from Argos)

Co 1292 (Early Roman assarion of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus from Argos)

Co 1298 (Middle Roman diassarion of Septimius Severus from Argos)

Co 2019 (Late Classical-Late Hellenistic bronze coin or tessera from Argos)