KL035 (Middle Roman Athenian Lamp) [permalink] [show fewer links]
Logical part of
Kenchreai Cemetery Project Inventoried Objects
Typological identification
Middle Roman Athenian Lamp, unglazed
Circular outline. Circular discus has large filling hole left, small airhole near base of nozzle, figural relief, and narrow, rounded framing ring. Figures depict erotic scene in which man stooped over with erect penis approaches back of stooped woman with exposed buttocks in heavy tunic and braided hair; columnar altar to lower right of man and child (or Eros?) with outstretched hands to lower left of woman, who touches head with right hand. Shoulder has panels crossing broad channel containing ten dot rosettes per side. Flat, narrow, kite-shaped nozzle with traces of burning. Details are somewhat blunt.
Fabric, firing, and surface description
10YR 6/7, light yellowish brown. Middle Roman Athenian fabric. Unglazed.
Preservation comment
One large fragment preserves three quarters of discus and shoulder and most of nozzle. Very slight, very sparse abrasion; scattered traces of encrustation.
Estimated discus diameter
Preserved length
Preserved width
Weight (kg)
Has geographic origin
Ceramic (Material)
Has visual motif (depicts)
Person (Visual Motif)
Has visual motif (depicts)
Sexual Activity (Visual Motif)