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Identifiers for records, other archival materials and ongoing work related to the excavations in the Threpsiades Property at Kenchreai
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Kenchreai Archaeological Archive
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Threpsiades Inventoried Objects

KTH Container 102

KTH0009 (Ceramic Stamp with Magical Imagery)

KTH0105 (Marine Shell: Thorny Oyster)

KTH0106 (Glass Small Bowl)

KTH0107 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0108a-e (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0110a-c (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0112 (Iron Handle)

KTH0113 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0114 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0115a-g (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0119 (Marine Shell)

KTH0122 (Marine Shell)

KTH0127 (Late Roman Bowl-Strainer)

KTH0129 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0130 (Glass Large Bottle or Flask)

KTH0131 (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0132 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0133 (Small Glass Bowl)

KTH0134 (Mother of Pearl Inlay)

KTH0135 (Glass Flask)

KTH0136a-p (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0138a+b/c (Glass Large Globular Flask)

KTH0145a, b (Glass Stemmed Cup and Window Pane)

KTH0146 (Raw Glass)

KTH0147 (Late Antique Glass Amphoriskos)

KTH0151 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Jug)

KTH0152a-c (Iron Nail, Burned Mortar, and Modern Gasket)

KTH0153 (Early Byzantine Glass Flask)

KTH0154a-c (Glass Bottle or Flask and Window Pane)

KTH0155 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0156 (Late Antique Glass Bottle with Molded Bottom)

KTH0157 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0158 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0160 (Small Glass Bowl or Cup)

KTH0161 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0163 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0164 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0166 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0167 (Small Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0168 (Small Glass Bowl or Cup)

KTH0169 (Glass Unguentarium or Small Flask)

KTH0172 (Ceramic Tool?)

KTH0173 (Architectural Lead)

KTH0177 (Late Roman Athenian[?] Lamp)

KTH0179 (Water-Worn Amphora Toe)

KTH0181 (Architectural Lead)

KTH0184 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0190 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0192a, b (Roman Glass Jar and Large Bowl or Cup)

KTH0199a (Wall Plaster)

KTH0200 (Bone Pin)

KTH0209 (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0210 (Raw Glass)

KTH0211 (Roman Glass Beaker or Large Cup)

KTH0212 (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0213a-i (Large Glass Bowl, Beaker, and Other Fragments)

KTH0214 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Corinthian Echinus Bowl)

KTH0215 (Roman Regional Cup or Miniature Casserole)

KTH0216 (Late Antique Glass Flask)

KTH0217 (Small Glass Bowl)

KTH0218 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0219 (Marine Shell)

KTH0220 (Boar's tooth)

KTH0221 (Globular Glass Bottle)

KTH0222 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0223 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0224 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0225 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0226a/b (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0227 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0228 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0230a (Wall Plaster)

KTH0232 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0235 (Marine Shell)

KTH0236 (Small Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0237 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0238 (Late Antique Glass Flask)

KTH0239 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0240 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0241 (Glass Stemmed Cup or Bowl)

KTH0242 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0243 (Ceramic Disc)

KTH0244 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0245 (Roman Glass Bowl)

KTH0248 (Marine Shell: Giant Triton)

KTH0252 (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0253 (Roman Glass Bowl)

KTH0254 (Marine Shell: Limpet)

KTH0255 (Bronze Ring)

KTH0256 (Bronze Sheet)

KTH0257 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0259 (Bronze Foliate Implement)

KTH0260 (Late Roman Palestinian Frying Pan)

KTH0264 (Bronze Swing Handle)

KTH0266 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0267 (Late Antique Large Glass Flask)

KTH0268 (Late Roman Palestinian Strainer)

KTH0270 (Rope)

KTH0279 (Late Roman Marble Table or Altar-Top)

KTH0281a/b (Late Roman Marble Table or Altar)

KTH0282 (Roman Glass Bottle of Flask)

KTH0283 (Roman Glass Flask or Bottle)

KTH0284 (Roman Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0285 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0286 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0287 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0288 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0289a+b/c (Late Antique Glass Flask with Coil Appliqué)

KTH0290a/b/c (Roman Glass Cup or Beaker)

KTH0291 (Late Roman Glass Flask[?] with Coil Appliqué)

KTH0293 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0295 (Bronze Knob, Button, or Finial)

KTH0296 (Iron Fragment[?])

KTH0301a, b (Large Globular Glass Flask and Small Bottle[?])

KTH0304 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0305 (Large Glass Flask or Bowl)

KTH0306 (Roman Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0307 (Roman Glass Beaker or Flask)

KTH0308 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0309 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0310 (Large Glass Flask or Bowl)

KTH0311 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0312 (Roman Glass Small Flask or Unguentarium)

KTH0313 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0314 (Roman Glass Vessel)

KTH0315 (Glass Flask)

KTH0316a+b/c (Late Antique Glass Bottle or Flask with Coil Appliqué)

KTH0317 (Roman Glass Bottle)

KTH0318 (Roman Glass Bottle)

KTH0319 (Roman Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0320 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0321a+b/c/d (Late Antique Glass Flask)

KTH0322 (Late Antique Small Glass Flask with Coil Appliqué)

KTH0323 (Roman Glass Cup or Beaker)

KTH0324 (Small Glass Flask)

KTH0325 (Roman Glass Small Bottle)

KTH0326 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0327 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0328 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0329 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0330 (Roman Glass Unguentarium or Lamp?)

KTH0331 (Roman Glass Large Flask)

KTH0332 (Roman Glass Large Bowl)

KTH0333 (Roman Glass Cup, Beaker, or Lamp)

KTH0334 (Roman Glass Cup or Beaker)

KTH0335a/b (Roman Glass Large Cup or Beaker)

KTH0336 (Late Antique Glass Flask with Coil Appliqué)

KTH0337a/b (Late Roman Glass Small Flask[?] with Pinched Decoration)

KTH0338 (Late Antique Glass Flask with Coil Appliqué)

KTH0339 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0340 (Late Roman Glass Ribbed Flask)

KTH0341a (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0342a (Late Antique Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0343 (Roman Glass Large Bottle[?])

KTH0344 (Late Antique Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0345 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0346 (Late Antique Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0347a (Roman Glass Window Pane)

KTH0348 (Roman Glass Small Flask or Bottle)

KTH0349a/b (Roman Window Pane?)

KTH0350 (Marine Shell)

KTH0351 (Roman Glass Flask)

KTH0352 (Bone)

KTH0353 (Roman Glass Bottle)

KTH0354 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0355 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0356a-j (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0357 (Roman Glass Bottle)

KTH0372 (Roman Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0441a-w (Roman Window Pane)

KTH0456 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0457 (Late Roman Regional[?] Jug)

KTH0460 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH0462 (Slipped Bowl)

KTH0465 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH0476 (Late Roman Large Storage Jar/Amphora)

KTH0479 (Late Roman Basin?)

KTH0482 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0483 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH0499 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0500 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0503 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0504 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0505 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0506 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0509 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0510 (Late Roman Lid or Funnel[?])

KTH0518 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH0519 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0522 (Late Roman[?] Red-Slip Bowl)

KTH0530 (Archaic Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH0531 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0541 (Sherd with Lead Potmender)

KTH0542 (Amphora)

KTH0543 (Basin?)

KTH0550 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0551 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0552 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0553 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0554 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0555 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0556 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0557 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0570 (Late Roman Regional Jug)

KTH0571 (Late Roman Jug)

KTH0572 (Late Roman Spouted Vessel)

KTH0573 (Late Roman Basin/Bowl)

KTH0574 (Late Roman Amphora, Samos Cistern Amphora Type Toe)

KTH0577 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH0591 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0593 (Late Roman Jug/Jar/Table Amphora)

KTH0605 (Plain Ware)

KTH0609 (Jug)

KTH0610 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0611 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH0631 (Jug)

KTH0633 (Amphora handle)

KTH0637 (Amphora)

KTH0640 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0642 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH0643 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0645 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH0657 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0658 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0659 (Jug)

KTH0662 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0664 (Amphora?)

KTH0665 (Amphora)

KTH0667 (Funnel spout)

KTH0668 (Funnel)

KTH0670 (Jug[?] handle with double cross)

KTH0671 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0672 (Bowl/Basin)

KTH0683 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0684 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0686 (Pontic Amphora)

KTH0687 (Jug spout?)

KTH0692 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0693 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0694 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0695 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0703 (Late Roman vessel)

KTH0705 (Jug)

KTH0707 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0708 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0709 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0710 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0711 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0712 (Aegean Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0713 (Jug or pitcher)

KTH0724 (Roman Large Bowl)

KTH0725 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0726 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0727 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0728 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0729 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0741 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0742 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0749 (Small Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0752 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0753 (Amphora?)

KTH0754 (Late Roman cooking pot?)

KTH0756 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0757 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0758 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0760 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0761 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0769 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0770 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH0772 (Late Roman Jug/Amphora)

KTH0787 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH0793 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0796 (Roman Jug[?])

KTH0800 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0803 (Late Roman Large Basin)

KTH0804 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH0805 (Saraçhane 22 Amphora)

KTH0809 (Samos Cistern Amphora Type Toe)

KTH0811 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0812 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0814 (Water Jar[?] Base)

KTH0817 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0820 (Roman Vessel[?])

KTH0822 (Coarse ware)

KTH0835 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0841 (Jug with Bifid Handle)

KTH0842 (Hollow Knob from Cover?)

KTH0845 (Plain Ware/Cook Ware)

KTH0847 (Amphora[?])

KTH0858 (Jug or pitcher)

KTH0859 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0862 (Roman Amphora or Pitcher)

KTH0864 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0865 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0868 (Middle Roman/Late Roman Amphora 3?)

KTH0870 (Late Roman Shallow Basin)

KTH0872 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0875 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0876 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0877 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0879 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0882 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0885 (Roman Amphora, Pontic[?])

KTH0891 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0895 (Amphora[?])

KTH0896 (Middle Roman/Late Roman Amphora 3?)

KTH0900 (Roman Amphora?)

KTH0901 (Roman Storage Vessel)

KTH0902 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0905 (Late Roman cooking ware?)

KTH0907 (Jug or pitcher)

KTH0908 (Roman Basin)

KTH0909 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0915 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0916 (Late Roman Plain-Ware Large Jug or Table Amphora)

KTH0917 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0918 (Late Roman Basin)

KTH0919 (Late Roman Amphora)


KTH0929 (Pontic “Cupped Rim” Amphora)

KTH0934 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0935 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0936 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0938 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0939 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0940 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0942 (Intentionally Round Cooking Pot Base)

KTH0951 (Late Roman Basin)

KTH0954 (Late Roman Basin)

KTH0957 (Roman Amphora)


KTH0960 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0961 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0964 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH0965 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0968 (Handle)

KTH0969 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0970 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH0972 (Handle)

KTH0974 (Roman Semi-Slipped Bowl, Corinthian?)

KTH0977 (Late Roman Amphora 5)

KTH0978 (Jug[?] Handle)

KTH0979 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0981 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0982 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0985 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH0991 (Late Roman Amphora 4)

KTH0992 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0994 (Late Roman Amphora 4)

KTH0998 (Late Roman Unguentarium)

KTH1007 (Late Roman South Pontic Amphora)

KTH1009 (Basin/bowl)

KTH1010 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH1012 (Classical-Hellenistic Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH1016 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH1023 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1027 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1028 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1029 (Roman Jug)

KTH1034 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH1039 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1041 (Cookware Jug Handle)

KTH1045 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH1046 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH1050 (Palestinian Amphora Roman Amphora)

KTH1055 (Late Roman Jug)

KTH1056 (Late Roman Cooking Pan)

KTH1057 (LHell - R Cooking Ware Handle)

KTH1061 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH1063 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1064 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1066 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1068 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1079 (PRS Dish)

KTH1080 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1092 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1095 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1097 (Late Roman Amphora)


KTH1099 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1101 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1104 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1105 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1106 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1109 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1110 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1112 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1121 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1127 (Plain-Ware Bowl)


KTH1131 (Thin-Walled Ware Cup)

KTH1134 (Plain ware)


KTH1139 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1140 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1142 (Ring Handle)




KTH1148 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1149 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1155 (Convex Base or Hollow Knob from Cover?)


KTH1157 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH1158 (Jug)

KTH1163 (Palestinian Combed Jug)

KTH1164 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1168 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1170 (Deep Basin)

KTH1172 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1174 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1176 (Amphora)



KTH1193 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1194 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1196 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1197 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1198 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1199 (Large Amphora or Jug Handle)

KTH1201 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1202 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1203 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1204 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1207 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH1209 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH1213 (Late Roman cooking pot)

KTH1215 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1216 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1218 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1223 (Late Roman Jug)

KTH1225 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1227 (Non-Ephesian Water Jar with dark dripping paint)

KTH1228 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1229 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1230 (Roman, strap handle of amphora or large jug)

KTH1234 (LR Corinthian Cooking Ware Handle)

KTH1235 (Late Roman Amphora 5)

KTH1236 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1240 (Late Roman Amphora 5)

KTH1241 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1242 (Jug)

KTH1245 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1247 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1250 (Trefoil-Mouth Pitcher)

KTH1253 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1254 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1255 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1256 (Large Amphora Handle)

KTH1257 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1258 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1259 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1260 (Jug/Amphora Handle)

KTH1261 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1262 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1263 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1264 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1265 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1266 (Early Byzantine Regional Large Globular Picther)

KTH1275 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1276 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1277 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1280 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1284 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1288 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1290 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1291 (Thin-Walled Ware Cup)

KTH1294 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH1295 (Small Glass Bowl or Cup)

KTH1296 (Raw Glass)

KTH1297 (Raw Glass)




KTH1302 (Raw Glass)

KTH1303 (Modern Window Pane)

KTH1304 (Roman Glass Small Bottle)

KTH1305 (Marine Shell)

KTH1306 (Marine Shell)

KTH1307 (Stone Palette)

KTH1308a/b (Iron Fragments)

KTH1312 (Late Hellenistic/Early Roman Red Slip Bowl)

KTH1315 (Amphora Toe or Hollow Knob from Cover?)

KTH1318 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1320 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1321 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1330 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1332 (Roman Deep Pot?)

KTH1334 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH1335 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1339 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1340 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1341 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1342 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1343 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH1345 (Early Byzantine Regional Pitcher)

KTH1346 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1351 (Amphora Toe or Hollow Knob from Cover?)

KTH1352 (Amphora Handle)

KTH1354 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1355 (Small Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1356 (Cooking Ware Vessel)

KTH1357 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1359 (Palestinian Cookpot)

KTH1361 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1362 (Small Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1367 (Late Roman Aegean Amphora)

KTH1368 (Jug)

KTH1369 (Small Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1371 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1372 (Late Roman Pontic Amphora)

KTH1377 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1378 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1379 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1380 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1391 (Middle Roman/Late Roman Amphora 3)

KTH1392 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1393 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1395 (Jug Base)

KTH1396 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1397 (Late Roman Amphora 2, Variant Fabric)

KTH1398 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1401 (Spouted Jug)

KTH1402 (One-handled Jug with Thumb Rest)

KTH1405 (Early Byzantine Table Amphora?)

KTH1406 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1408 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1409 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1410 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1411 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1412 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1414 (Late Roman Amphora Toe)

KTH1416 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Jug)

KTH1417 (Early Byzantine Regional Table Amphora)

KTH1418 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1420 (Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Stemmed Cup)

KTH1423 (Hellenistic Corinthian Bowl)

KTH1424 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1425 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1427 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1429 (Table Amphora?)

KTH1430 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1432 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1435 (Amphora)

KTH1437 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1439 (Late Roman Jug, Regional Workshop)

KTH1441 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)


KTH1444 (Amphora)

KTH1449 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1450 (Late Roman Jug)

KTH1457 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1460 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1468 (Cooking ware)

KTH1469 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1480 (Early Byzantine Regional Large Jug with Incised Decoration)

KTH1484 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1486 (Late Roman Amphora 2 “lightly combed”)

KTH1487 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1489 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1492 (Late Roman Jug)


KTH1500 (Late Roman Large Bowl of Table Amphora)

KTH1506 (Roman Basin)


KTH1508 (Classical Attic Cup-Skyphos)


KTH1510 (Knidian Moldmade Vessel)

KTH1511 (Jug/Cup)

KTH1512 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1514 (Classical-Hellenistic Attic Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH1515 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1517 (Pitcher?)

KTH1518 (Base of figurine[?] or variant form of stopper)


KTH1520 (Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1524 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1525 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1529 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1549 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1550 (Strainer)

KTH1551b (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1557 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1558 (Early Byzantine Regional Pitcher)

KTH1561 (Early Byzantine Regional Jug)

KTH1566 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1578 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1589 (Jug Base)

KTH1593 (Archaic-Hellenistic Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH1597 (Long Spouted Jug)

KTH1601 (Roman Deep Pot)

KTH1607 (Roman Red Slip Bowl)

KTH1608 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1610 (Late Roman Amphora, Ephesian?)

KTH1617 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1618 (Late Roman Amphora 1)


KTH1620 (Middle Byzantine Fine Sgraffito Ware Bowl)

KTH1633 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Jug)

KTH1635 (Late Roman Amphora 2)



KTH1643 (Late Roman Amphora 1 Variant)





KTH1651 (LR Large Pitcher)

KTH1652 (Large pitcher handle)

KTH1654 (Late Roman Large Pitcher)

KTH1655 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1657 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1658 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1661 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH1662 (Basin)

KTH1663 (LR Pitcher/Amphora Handle)

KTH1664 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)


KTH1670 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1671 (Amphora Handle, Round Profile)

KTH1673 (Large Pitcher Handle)

KTH1674 (LR Jug in Regional Fabric)

KTH1676 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1677 (R-LR Cookpot Handle)

KTH1678 (Unclassified Handle with Π Incised after Firing)


KTH1681 (LR Cookpot Handle)


KTH1684 (Late Roman Cookpot Rim)

KTH1687 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1688 (Glass Crucible?)



KTH1692 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1699 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1702 (Long Spouted Jug)



KTH1709 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)




KTH1733 (Bowl)


KTH1735 (Thin-wall beaker with high flaring rim)


KTH1737 (Early Roman Aegean Dressel 2-4 Amphora)

KTH1738 (Corinthian Rooftile)



KTH1742 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1743 (Middle Roman Basin)


KTH1745 (Phocaean Cookware)

KTH1746 (Middle-Late Roman Bowl)

KTH1748 (Late Hellenistic-Early Roman Saucer)

KTH1749 (Samos Cistern Amphora)


KTH1751 (MR-LR Cookingware Jug[?] Base)

KTH1752 (ER-MR Drooping Rim Basin)


KTH1754 (Late Roman cooking ware)

KTH1756 (Late Roman Cookware Deep Pot)

KTH1758 (LRA3 Fabric Large Unguentarium [rim only])

KTH1759 (Late Roman Amphora 2)



KTH1766 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1768 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1769 (MR-LR[?] Jug Base)

KTH1770 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)



KTH1774 (Late Roman Amphora 2)




KTH1785 (Middle Roman/Late Roman Amphora 3)

KTH1786 (LRA3 Fabric Unguentarium/Amphoriskos/Jug [Base])

KTH1787 (Jug Handle)

KTH1788 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1789 (Middle Roman/Late Roman Amphora 3)



KTH1794 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1800 (Samos Cistern Amphora Type Toe)




KTH1816 (MR-LR[?] Basin)

KTH1818 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)



KTH1822 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1824 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)





KTH1830 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1836 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)






KTH1860 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1861 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)



KTH1867 (Late Roman Large Bowl or Table Amphora)

KTH1870 (Cookingware deep pot?)

KTH1871 (Late Roman Bowl or Table Amphora)



KTH1876 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1877 (Late Roman Casserole)


KTH1880 (MR Trefoil Rim Jug)


KTH1882 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)



KTH1892 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)



KTH1899 (R-LR Jug)

KTH1900 (R Jug Base)

KTH1902 (ER[?) Basin Rim)

KTH1903 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1905 (Middle Roman Amphora 5, non-standard fabric)

KTH1907 (Late Roman Amphora 1)


KTH1909 (LR Cooking Ware Jug [handle])


KTH1911 (Jug or Amphora Rim)

KTH1912 (Small Late Roman Amphora 2)


KTH1914 (Hell to R Jug Handle)


KTH1916 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1917 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1919 (Hellenistic-Early Roman Semi-Slipped Basin)

KTH1923 (Joining LRA5 Body Sherd)

KTH1925 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)



KTH1932 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1936 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1942 (Late Roman Amphora 2)


KTH1950 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1951 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian Lamp)

KTH1958 (Raw Glass)

KTH1960 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1961 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1964 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1965 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1966 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH1974 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1975 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1977 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH1980 (Late Roman Cookware Deep Pot)

KTH1982 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1984 (LRA3 Body sherd)

KTH1986 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1987 (Late Archaic-Early Classical Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH1988 (Small sherd of MR Thin-wall Vessel)

KTH1990 (Body sherd of MR Thin-wall vessel)

KTH1991 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)


KTH1993 (LRA2 Body Sherd with Wavy Combed Decoration)

KTH1995 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1997 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1999 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2001 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH2004 (Large [short-spouted?] Funnel)

KTH2005 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH2006 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH2007 (Late Roman Amphora)


KTH2010 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH2016 (Late Roman Flanged Bowl in LRA2 fabric)

KTH2017 (Late Roman Jug in “LRA2 Argolid” fabric)

KTH2018 (Jug)

KTH2020 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH2021 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2025 (Late Roman Amphora)


KTH2029 (Classical-Hellenistic Attic Bowl)

KTH2030 (Classical-Hellenistic Imported Pitcher or Oil Container)


KTH2034 (Roman Glass Cup, Beaker or Large Flask)

KTH2035 (Lid)

KTH2037 (Roman Basin)

KTH2039 (Hellenistic-Early Roman Shallow Bowl)

KTH2041 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Ampulla with Monogram)

KTH2042 (Cup/Jug)

KTH2043 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)


KTH0245 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2047 (Roman Amphora Handle)

KTH2049 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2050 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2051 (LRA2 Body Sherd with Wavy Pattern)

KTH2053 (Jug/Cup)

KTH2055 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH2058 (Roman Amphora)


KTH2061 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2064 (Jug Handle)

KTH2068 (Jug)

KTH2069 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2071 (Basin)

KTH2078 (Early Byzantine Jug Base)

KTH2080 (Late Hellenistic-Early Roman Slipped Basin)

KTH2085 (Large Plain-Ware Bowl or Table Amphora)

KTH2089 (Late Roman Deep Basin)

KTH2101 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH2103 (Cup/Jug)

KTH2105 (Late Roman Amphora 4/5)

KTH2108 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2111 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2112 (Hellenistic-Roman Jug)

KTH2113 (Dressel 2-4 in Italian fabric)

KTH2114 (Archaic Imported Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2115 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH2116 (Glass Crucible?)

KTH2119 (Limestone Block with Gameboard)

KTH2120 (Groundstone)

KTH2125 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)

KTH2126 (Jug? with punched-hole decoration)

KTH2129 (Marine Shell)

KTH2130 (Marine Shell)

KTH2134 (Late Roman Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH2135 (Roman Glass Flask)

KTH2137 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2138 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2147 (Amphora[?] Body Sherd)

KTH2152 (Amphora Toe)

KTH2153 (Amphora/Storage JarHandle)

KTH2154 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2166 (Late Roman Coarse Ware Pot)

KTH2177 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2183 (Late Roman bowl/basin)

KTH2185 (Roman Coarse-Ware Pitcher)

KTH2187 (Samos Cistern Amphora)

KTH2188 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2189 (Late Roman Amphora Handle)

KTH2191 (Roman Regional Water Jar)

KTH2194 (Late Roman Palestinian Cookingware Handle)

KTH2195 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2196 (Late Roman Amphora Handle)

KTH2201 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2206 (Late Roman Amphora Foot)

KTH2209 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2229 (Roman Small Jug or Unguentarium)

KTH2236 (Late Roman Coarse Ware Bowl or Funnel?)

KTH2237 (Late Roman Coarse Ware Pot)

KTH2239 (Hellenistic-Early Roman Amphora)

KTH2240 (Late Roman Amphora Toe)

KTH2248 (Hellenistic-Early Roman Semi-Slipped Vessel)

KTH2249 (Late Roman Fine Ware)

KTH2250 (Roman-Late Antique Red-Slip Bowl)

KTH2251 (Roman Red-Slip Jug)

KTH2253 (Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Vessel)

KTH2254 (Early Roman Semi-fine Cup)

KTH2256 (Early Roman Bowl Rim)

KTH2257 (Classical-Hellenistic Lekane or Krater[?])

KTH2258 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2259 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2260 (Early Roman Jug)

KTH2262 (Early-Middle Roman Bowl)

KTH2264 (Roman-Late Antique Red-Slipped Bowl)

KTH2266 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2267 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2268 (Roman Regional Red-Slip Basin)

KTH2269 (Roman Red-Slip Jug)

KTH2270 (Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2271 (Classical Corinthian Pitcher)

KTH2273 (Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2275 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2276 (Early-Middle Roman Casserole?)

KTH2277 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2278 (Classical-Hellenistic Attic Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2279 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Semi-Slipped Jug)

KTH2282 (Water Pipe)

KTH2283 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2286 (Coarse Ware Cookpot[?])

KTH2287 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2291 (Amphora)

KTH2292 (Late Roman Plain Bowl)

KTH2293 (Middle Roman Flanged Baking Pan)

KTH2297 (Amphora Base)

KTH2298 (Late Roman Amphora 1 Body Sherd)

KTH2299 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2300 (Large Marine Shell)

KTH2301 (Roman[?] Aegean Amphora)

KTH2302 (Late Roman Plain Bowl)

KTH2303 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2304 (Dressel 2-4 Type Rim in Aegean Micaceous Light Brown Fabric)

KTH2307 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2308 (Late Roman Plain Bowl)

KTH2310 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2311 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2312 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2313 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2315 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2308 (Late Roman Plain Bowl)

KTH2320 (Late Roman Coarse Ware)

KTH2322 (Middle Roman[?] Jug)

KTH2323 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2324 (Roman-Late Antique Basin)

KTH2325 (Late Roman Unguentarium)

KTH2326 (Middle Roman Thin-Wall Vessel)

KTH2327 (Roman Cooking-Ware Bowl)

KTH2328 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2329 (Rim of uncertain vessel)

KTH2330 Coarse Ware Base

KTH2331 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2332 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2333 (Archaic Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2334 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2335 (Burned Bone Fragment)

KTH2336 (Corinthian[?] Jug)

KTH2338 (Roman Regional Storage Jar)

KTH2339 (Archaic/Early Classical Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2340 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2342 (Roman Small Jug[?])

KTH2308 (Late Roman Plain Bowl)

KTH2345 (Roman Bowl)

KTH2346 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2347 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2348 (Roman Regional Small Jug or Unguentarium)

KTH2349 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2350 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2351 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2352 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2353 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2354 (Fine Ware Handle)

KTH2355 (Waterpipe)

KTH2356 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2357 (Fine Ware Sherd)

KTH2359 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2360 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2361 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2362 (Trefoil Rim Jug)

KTH2364 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2365 (Fine Ware Body)

KTH2366 (Fine Ware Base)

KTH2367 (Late Roman Coarse Ware Lid)

KTH2376 (Fine Ware Base)

KTH2380 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2381 (Fine Ware Base)

KTH2384 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH2391 (Early Roman Amphora)

KTH2393 (Roman Small Basin[?])

KTH2394 (Amphora Spike)

KTH2396 (Dressel 23 Amphora)

KTH2402 (Fine Ware Base)

KTH2407 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Imported Echinus Bowl)

KTH2408 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2414 (Regional Roman Water Jar)

KTH2416 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2425 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2427 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2429 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2431 (Late Roman Coarse Ware Jug Base)

KTH2434 (Early Roman Amphora Handle)

KTH2435 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2436 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2439 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH2440 (Roman Amphora Rim)

KTH2441 (Roman Amphora Rim)

KTH2442 (Coarse Ware Fragment)

KTH2443 (Fine Ware Fragment)

KTH2444 (Hellenistic-Roman Bifid Amphora Handle)

KTH2445 (Bat Wing Amphora)

KTH2447 (Roman Amphora Rim)

KTH2448 (Fine Ware Rim)

KTH2449 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2454 (Late Roman Amphora 2)


KTH2464 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2467 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2470 (Roman Amphora Rim)

KTH2471 (Roman Amphora Rim)

KTH2474 (Coarse Ware Toe)

KTH2476 (Coarse Ware Handle)

KTH2478 (Coarse Ware Handle)














KTH2494 (Coarse Ware Rim)

KTH2495 (Coarse Ware Rim and Handle)

KTH2497 (Coarse Ware Handle)

KTH2499 (Roman Amphora Rim)

KTH2500 (Coarse Ware Handle Chip)

KTH2501 (Coarse Ware Handle)

KTH2504 (Imitation Dressel 2-4 Aegean Amphora)

KTH2507 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2523 (Coarse Ware Body Sherd)

KTH2529 (Late Archaic-Hellenistic Corinthian Cup)

KTH2530 (Archaic-Hellenistic Corinthian Cup or Bowl)

KTH2531 (Classical Corinthian Lekanis)

KTH2533 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Cup)

KTH2534 (Late Archaic-Classical Corinthian Cup or Kotyle)

KTH2535 (Late Archaic-Classical Corinthian Cup or Kotyle)

KTH2536 (Late Archaic-Classical Corinthian Cup)

KTH2537 (Late Archaic-Hellenistic Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2538 (Late Archaic-Classical Corinthian Cup)

KTH2539 (Archaic-Hellenistic Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2540 (Hellenistic Imported Plate or Bowl)

KTH2541 (Hellenistic Corinthian Bowl or Juglet)

KTH2542 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2543 (Hellenistic Corinthian Moldmade Bowl)

KTH2544 (Late Archaic-Early Classical Attic One-Handler)

KTH2545 (Archaic-Hellenistic Imported Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2546 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2547 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2548 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2550 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2551 (Classical-Hellenistic Imported Amphora or Pitcher)

KTH2552 (Archaic-Hellenistic Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2553 (Archaic Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2554 (Archaic Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2555 (Archaic Pyxis)

KTH2556 (Hellenistic Imported Jug)

KTH2557 (Classical-Hellenstic Imported Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2559 (Classical-Hellenistic Attic Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2560 (Late Archaic-Hellenistic Attic Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2561 (Hellenistic Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2562 (Classical Attic Amphora or Pitcher)

KTH2563 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Cup)

KTH2564 (Plain Ware Bowl)

KTH2565 (Late Classical-Hellenistic Imported Echinus Bowl)

KTH2566 (Roman Amphora Body Sherd)

KTH2567 (Archaic-Hellenistic Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2568 (Classical Corinthian Skyphos)

KTH2569 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2571 (Plain Bowl)

KTH2573 (Early Roman Knidian Bowl)

KTH2576 (Coarse Ware Body)

KTH2577 (Hellenistic Imported Large Slipped Bowl)

KTH2578 (Roman Amphora Handle)

KTH2579 (Thin-Walled Ware Cup)

KTH2580 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2581 (Hellenistic Corinthian Drinking Bowl)

KTH2582 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2583 (Archaic-Hellenistic Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2584 (Archaic-Classical Corinthian Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2585 (Hellenistic Moldmade Bowl)

KTH2586 (Glazed Modern Jar Rim)

KTH2588 (Hellenistic Attic Kantharos)

KTH2589 (Iron Fragment)

KTH2591 (Burned Animal Bone)

KTH2592 (Iron Blade)

KTH2593 (Plainware Rim)

KTH2596 (Deep Plain Ware Bowl Rim)

KTH2597 (Coarse Ware Base)

KTH2599 (Deep Plain Ware Bowl Rim)

KTH2600 (Plain Ware Bowl Rim)

KTH2601 (Middle Roman Coarse-Ware Pitcher)

KTH2062 (Coarse Ware Rim with Horizontal Handle)

KTH2603 (Classical-Hellenistic Plain-Ware Vessel)

KTH2604 (Early Roman Semi-Fine Bowl)

KTH2605 (Coarse Ware Bowl Rim)

KTH2606 (Middle Roman Coarse-Ware Pitcher)

KTH2609 (Worked Stone?)

KTH2616 (Roman Amphora Handle)

KTH2618 (Roman Glass Bottle)

KTH2619 (Window Pane)

KTH2620 (Glass Working Chip?)

KTH2622 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)

KTH2623 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)

KTH2633 (Late Roman Amphora 4)

KTH2634 (Plain ware jug)

KTH2668 (Late Roman cooking ware)

KTH2674 (Plain ware bowl)

KTH2675 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH2676 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2677 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2680 (Amphora)

KTH2683 (Basin)

KTH2686 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2687 (Classical-Hellenistic Imported Plate)

KTH2691 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)

KTH2692 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)

KTH2693 (Classical Attic Kantharos)

KTH2694 (Classical Attic Pyxis)

KTH2695 (Late Archaic-Classical Attic Cup)

KTH2697 (Classical-Hellenistic Imported Trefoil Pitcher)

KTH2698 (Archaic Corinthian Figured Kotyle)

KTH2700 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Corinthian Pyxis Lid)

KTH2701 (Hellenistic Corinthian Bolster Krater?)

KTH2702 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Corinthian Pyxis Lid)

KTH2703 (Late Classical Corinthian Kalathiskos)

KTH2704 (Classical Attic[?] Kantharos)

KTH2705 (Late Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Echinus Bowl)

KTH2706 (Classical Corinthian Miniature Plate)

KTH2707 (Classical Corinthian Miniature Lekanis)

KTH2713 (Roman Large Bowl or Basin)

KTH2715 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH2716 (Middle Roman/Late Roman Amphora 3)

KTH2717 (Small Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH2718 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2719 (PRS Dish)

KTH2720 (Roman Basin)

KTH2721 (Jug)

KTH2724 (Coarse ware)

KTH2725 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2729 (Coarse ware)

KTH2738 (Small Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH-2015-001 | Room 6

KTH2740 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2742 (Roman Table Amphora)

KTH2743 (Middle Byzantine Painted-Ware Bowl)

KTH2744 (Roman Coarse-Ware Bowl)

KTH2745 (Coarse ware)

KTH2746 (Trefoil-Mouth Jug)

KTH2750 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH2752 (Roman Mortarium)

KTH2753 (Roman Amphora with Dipinto)

KTH2755 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH2756 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH2757 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH2759 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2760 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH2761 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH2767 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2768 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2769 (Late Roman Cooking Pan)

KTH2772 (Painted Basin or Amphora)

KTH2774 (Late Roman Amphora 5)

KTH2776 (Small Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH2777 (Sheep-Goat Bone)

KTH2785 (ARS Plate)

KTH2792 (Late Antique Glass Flask)

KTH2797 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)

KTH2798 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)

KTH2800 (Coarse ware)

KTH2801 (Late Roman Palestinian Storage Jar/LRA5 with painted decoration)

KTH2806 (Archaic Corinthian Kotyle)

KTH2807 (Early Hellenistic Corinthian Unguentarium)

KTH2808 (Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Krater or Bowl)

KTH2809 (Late Archaic-Classical Attic Cup)

KTH2811 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH2813 (5 Large Joining Amphora Body Sherds)

KTH2814 (5 Large Joining Amphora Body Sherds)

KTH0170 (Marble Cornice)

KTH0204 (Late Roman Marble Screen)

KTH0276 (Roman Marble Colonette)

KTH0277 (Roman Marble Colonette Base)

KTH0278 (Late Roman Marble Capital with Cross)

KTH0280 (Marble Fragment)

KTH0303 (Late Roman Marble Ionic Capital with Cross)

KTH0459 (Marble Colonette[?])

KTH2117 (Marble Column)

KTH2118 (Marble Column)

KTH2128 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2532 (Marble Chip)

KTH2558 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2595 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2607 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2608 (Marble Chip)

KTH2610 (Marble Chip)

KTH2611 (Marble Chip)

KTH2613 (Marble Chip)

KTH2614 (Marble Chip)

KTH2770 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2812 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Marble Capital)

KTH0142 (Iron Buckle)

KTH0234 (Burned Potsherd)

KTH1374 (Saraçhane 22 Amphora)

KTH2110 (Late Roman Shallow Basin)

KTH0100 (Raw Glass)

KTH0101a-j (Raw Glass)

KTH0103a+b (Glass Beaker)

KTH0118a/b (Glass Globular Vessel)

KTH0123a/b, c, d (Glass Bottle[s] or Flask[s])

KTH0128 (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0140a/b, c (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0143a-c (Glass Lid or Lamp Base[?] and Other Fragments)

KTH149a+b/c/d-f (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0150 (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0171 (Greek Inscription)

KTH0302 (Greek Inscription)

KTH1008 (Middle Roman Amphora 5)

KTH0644 (Forlimpopoli Amphora)

KTH0202 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KTH2549 (Early Roman Corinthian Imitative or Transitional Lamp)

KTH2590 (Early Roman Corinthian Imitative Lamp)

KTH1300 (Early Roman Italian Lamp)

KTH1953 (Early Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

KTH2678 (Early Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

KTH1954 (Early Roman Corinthian Imitative Lamp)

KTH2587 (Early Roman Corinthian Imitative Lamp)

KTH2372 (Early Roman Corinthian Palaimonion Lamp)

KTH2373 (Early Roman Corinthian Palaimonion Lamp)

KTH0178 (Late Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Lamp)

KTH2624 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Imported Lamp)

KTH2625 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Corinthian Lamp)

KTH2627 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Corinthian Lamp)

KTH2626 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Corinthian Lamp)

KTH1956 (Early Hellenistic Athenian Lamp)

KTH2628 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine North African Lamp)

KTH0120 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0121 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0124 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0174 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0175 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0176 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0269 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0467 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH1309 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KTH2679 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KTH0205 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Athenian Lamp)

KTH1952 (Late Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

KTH0111 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0116 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian Lamp)

KTH0125 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0144 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0207 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH1467 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH1957 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH2197 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian Lamp)

KTH2644 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH1955 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Circular Lamp)

KTH2033 (Middle Roman Athenian Lamp)

KTH0126 (Early Byzantine Palestinian Lamp)

KTH0262 (Early Byzantine Palestinian Lamp)

KTH0189 (Conical Loom Weight)

KTH0206 (Discoid Loom Weight)

KTH0231a-ee (Burned Mass of Iron, Plaster, and Pottery)

KTH0265a-e (Iron Nails)

KTH0102 (Bronze Nail)

KTH0104a-p (Iron Nail)

KTH0109 (Iron Nail)

KTH0137a-y (Iron Nails)

KTH0139a/b+c/d (Iron Nail)

KTH0141a-j (Iron Nails)

KTH0148 (Bronze Nail)

KTH0159a-k (Iron Nail)

KTH0183a-f (Iron Spikes)

KTH0193a-w (Iron Nails, Mortar, and Bronze Sheathing)

KTH0194a-m (Iron Nails)

KTH0195a, b (Iron Nails)

KTH0196a-c (Iron Nails)

KTH0201a, b (Iron Spikes)

KTH0208a-e (Iron Nails)

KTH0246 (Iron Nail)

KTH0247a, b (Iron and Plaster Fragments)

KTH0249a, b (Iron Nails)

KTH0250 (Iron Nail)

KTH0263a-c (Iron Nails)

KTH0294a-e (Iron Nails)

KTH0299a-z (Iron Nails)

KTH1310 (Iron Nail)

KTH1959 (Iron Nail)

KTH2121a-f (Iron Nail)

KTH2122 (Iron Nail)

KTH2123 (Iron Nails)

KTH2374 (Iron Nail)

KTH2375 (Iron Nail)

KTH2612 (Iron Nail)

KTH2090 (Roman Amphora: sherd with dipinto)

KTH2222 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2379 (Beirut 2 Amphora)

KTH0454 (Beirut 8 Amphora)

KTH0832 (Beirut 8 Amphora Type Base)

KTH1567 (Beirut 8 Amphora: sherd with dipinto)

KTH2368 (Beirut 8 Amphora)

KTH2516 (Near Beirut Amphora 8, Small)

KTH0926 (Roman “Rhodian”-Style Amphora Handle)

KTH0117a-c (Burned Potsherds)

KTH0744 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1033 (Roman Jug)

KTH1035 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1049 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1108 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1114 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1119 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1133 (Roman Amphora?)

KTH1650 (Amphora Handle)

KTH1862 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2220 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2749 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2751 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1598 (ARS Bowl)

KTH2048 (ARS Bowl/Plate)

KTH2261 (ARS Hayes Form 59)

KTH2782 (ARS Plate)

KTH0185a/b (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH0186 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH0187 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH0188 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH0271 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH0453 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH0484 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH0520 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH1017 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH1553 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH1777 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2132 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2133 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2203 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2204 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2421 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2741 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2780 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2781 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2783 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH2784 (ARS Hayes Form 105)

KTH0461 (ARS Hayes Form 109)

KTH0647 (ARS Hayes Form 109)

KTH2054 (ARS Hayes Form 109)

KTH0688 (ARS Hayes Form 50)

KTH2011 (ARS Hayes Form 50a)

KTH0632 (ARS Hayes Form 50B)

KTH1224 (ARS Hayes Form 50b)

KTH2213 (PRS Bowl Imitating ARS Hayes Form 61)

KTH1621 (ARS Hayes Form 67)

KTH2673 (ARS Hayes Form 67)

KTH1011 (ARS Hayes Form 68)

KTH2169 (ARS Hayes Form 68)

KTH1002 (ARS Hayes Form 99c)

KTH1504 (ARS Hayes Form 99c)

KTH1628 (ARS Hayes Form 99)

KTH2170 (ARS Hayes Form 99)

KTH0723 (ARS Bowl/Plate)

KTH1003 (ARS Sherd)

KTH2473 (ARS Bowl/Plate)

KTH2671 (ARS[?])

KTH2779 (Athenian Painted-Ware Platter or Bowl)

KTH2570 (Late Classical Attic Red-Figure Krater)

KTH0004 (Late Roman Palestinian Cooking Pot)

KTH0458 (Early Byzantine Regional Stewpot)

KTH0508 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH0540 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0578 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH0608 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH0660 (Late Roman cooking pot)

KTH0661 (Late Roman cooking ware)

KTH0666 (Funnel?)

KTH0673 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH0674 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0675 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0701 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH0704 (Late Roman cooking pot)

KTH0719 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0721 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0737 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH0740 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0773 (Late Roman Globular Cooking Pot)

KTH0774 (Palestinian Late Roman Cooking Pot Lid)

KTH0775 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0815 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0844 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0856 (Palestinian String-cut Casserole Lid)

KTH0869 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0899 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0904 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0946 (Late Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH0947 (Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH0949 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1075 (Late Roman cooking ware)

KTH1116 (Late Roman-Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH1162 (Late Roman cooking ware)

KTH1184 (Late Roman cooking ware)

KTH1246 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1268 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1273 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1376 (Late Roman Globular Cooking Pot)

KTH1521 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1536 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1585 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1605 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1665 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1680 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1686 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1704 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1801 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1808 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1849 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2382 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2383 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2409 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2511 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2514 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH2594 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2639 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH2684 (Late Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH0162 (Roman Frying Pan)

KTH0298 (Roman Frying Pan)

KTH1311 (Roman Cooking Ware)

KTH1852 (Roman Frying Pan)

KTH1890 (Roman Frying Pan)

KTH2319 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH2369 (Roman Ceramic Grill)

KTH1795 (Corinthian A Amphora)

KTH1879 (Corinthian A Amphora)

KTH1694 (Middle/Late Roman Jug)

KTH2235 (Early/Middle Roman Phocaean Cookpot)

KTH2804 (Dressel 24 Amphora with dipinto)

KTH2528 (Early Roman Ephesian Gray-Ware Platter)

KTH1994 (ESA Hayes Form 6?)

KTH2727 (ESA Hayes Form 28?)

KTH2255 (ESA Hayes Form 42)

KTH2052 (Eastern Sigillata A Hayes Form 46)

KTH2775 (Eastern Sigillata A Hayes Form 47)

KTH0702 (ESA Jug?)

KTH0203 (Eastern Sigillata B Hayes Form 58)

KTH2341 (Eastern Sigillata B Hayes Form 60)

KTH2726 (ESB Hayes Form 80)

KTH0987 (ESC Hayes Form 3)

KTH2136 (Eastern Sigillata C Hayes Form 4)

KTH2510 (Eastern Sigillata C Hayes Form 4)

KTH2265 (ESC Plate with Stamp)

KTH0722 (Funnel?)

KTH1513 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH1805 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH2513 (Late Roman Small Funnel)

KTH0059 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH0180 (Late Roman Short-Spout Funnel)

KTH0663 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH1443 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH2140 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH2218 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH2747 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH2748 (Late Roman Funnel)

KTH0008 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH0057 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH0182 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH0233 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH0275 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH1281 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH2406 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH2526 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH1648 (Africana 3C/Keay 25 Amphora)

KTH0878 (North African Amphora)

KTH1685 (Keay 62 African Amphora)

KTH0273 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0480 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0498 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0525 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0560 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0561 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0592 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0638 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0639 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0680 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0681 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0776 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0790 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0911 (Late Roman Amphora 1?)

KTH0956 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0963 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0973 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1102 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1124 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1130 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1177 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1279 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1325 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1326 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1331 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1366 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1433 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1434 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1463 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1483 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1554 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1586 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1609 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1757 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1762 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1781 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1782 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1831 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1863 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1891 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1918 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1920 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1963 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH1998 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2046 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2086 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2171 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2172 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2198 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2211 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2217 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2223 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2245 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2296 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2433 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2437 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2492 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2503 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2520 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2527 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2574 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH2575 (Late Roman Amphora 1)

KTH0005 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0010 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0197 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0198 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0229a-p (Burned Roman Potsherds)

KTH0442 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0468 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0473 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0474 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0477 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0486 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0487 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0488 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0491 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0492 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0493 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0494 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0496 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0513 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0514 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0515 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0523 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0524 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0532 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0534 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0537 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0544 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0545 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0546 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0547 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0548 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0549 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0558 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0564 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0565 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0566 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0567 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0568 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0579 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0580 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0581 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0582 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0583 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0584 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0585 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0586 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0587 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0588 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0589 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0590 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0594 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0598 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0602 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0603 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0604 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0612 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0613 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0614 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0615 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0616 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0619 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0620 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0621 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0622 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0623 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0624 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0625 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0626 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0627 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0628 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0629 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0630 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0634 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0635 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0636 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0641 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0646 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0648 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0649 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0650 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0651 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0677 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0678 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0679 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0682 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0691 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0697 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0698 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0706 (Late Roman Amphora 2 [button toe])

KTH0714 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0715 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0716 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0717 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0731 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0732 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0733 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0734 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0743 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0746 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0747 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0751 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0762 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0763 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0764 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0765 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0766 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0767 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0771 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0777 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0778 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0779 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0780 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0781 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0782 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0783 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0791 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0792 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0794 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0797 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0798 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0802 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0808 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0813 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0819 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0825 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0828 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0829 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0830 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0831 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0834 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0836 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0838 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0839 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0846 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0850 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0851 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0852 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0853 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0855 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0857 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0861 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0863 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0866 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0871 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0873 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0874 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0881 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0883 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0884 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0886 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0888 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0889 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0890 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH0892 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0893 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0894 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0897 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0903 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0906 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0913 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0914 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0921 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0928 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0937 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0941 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0943 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0948 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0950 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0952 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0953 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0958 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0966 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0967 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0971 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0980 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0983 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0986 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH0997 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1000 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1001 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1015 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1020 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1022 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1038 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1040 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1044 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1047 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1048 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1051 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1062 (Late Roman Amphora 2, variant production)

KTH1067 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1071 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1073 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1074 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1076 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1077 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1078 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1082 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1086 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1087 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1088 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1089 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1111 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1115 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1118 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1123 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1125 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1132 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1135 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1136 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1141 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1146 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1150 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1151 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1165 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1166 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1167 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1180 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1182 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1183 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1188 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1195 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1217 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1219 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1222 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1226 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1231 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1232 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1233 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1238 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1239 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1244 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1249 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1251 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1252 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1267 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1270 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1272 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1282 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1286 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1287 (Late Roman Amphora 2, Variant Fabric)

KTH1313 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1314 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1316 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1317 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1319 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1328 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1329 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1333 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1336 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1337 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1338 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1353 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1360 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1364 (Late Roman Amphora 2, Variant Fabric)

KTH1365 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1370 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1373 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1381 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1382 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1383 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1385 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1386 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1387 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1407 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1413 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1415 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1419 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1421 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1422 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1428 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1431 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1438 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1440 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1445 (“Lightly Combed” Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1446 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1447 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1448 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1451 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1452 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1453 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1456 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1464 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1471 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1475 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1485 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1490 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1491 (Late Roman Amphora 2 with iron)

KTH1495 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1497 (Late Roman Amphora 2, “lightly combed”)

KTH1498 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1501 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1522 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1526 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1528 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1531 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1532 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1534 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1535 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1538 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1545 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1546 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1548 (Late Roman Amphora 2: sherd with dipinto)

KTH1555 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1559 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1560 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KTH1563 (Late Roman Amphora 2)