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Typology Item
Stone (Material)
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Field book number C 82 (Fishing Weight Mold, stone)

KA003 (Early-Middle Roman Limestone Altar)

KA004 (Early Roman Limestone Architrave Block)

KA005 (Ealy-Middle Roman Limestone Black with Molding)

KA007 (Early-Middle Roman Limestone Architectural Molding)

KA017 (Early Roman Limestone Cornice Block)

KA1990-001 (Early-Middle Roman Miniature Limestone Altar)

KS1990-001 (Limestone Funerary Sculpture)

KE 169 (Miniature altar in limestone)

KE 525 (Limestone Mold for Lead Fishnet Weights)

KE 805 (Limestone Pilaster Capital)

KE 811 (Early Roman Greek Dedicatory Inscription)

KE 832 (Architecture with Sculpted Relief)

KE 833 (Limestone Architectural Fragment)

KE 1355 (Greek Dipinto)

KE 1356 (Greek Inscription)

KE 1357 (Greek Inscription)

KE 1358 (Limestone Block with Incised Decoration or Inscription)

KE 1481 (Limestone and Plaster)

KE 2078 (Late Archaic/Early Classical Greek Epitaph)

KE 2125 (Stone Anchor)

KE 2416 (Late Archaic Greek Inscription)

KTH2119 (Limestone Block with Gameboard)

KTH2609 (Worked Stone?)

KTH2810 (Stone Stopper)