KE 451 (Early Roman Italian[?] Lamp) [permalink] [next] [show more links]
Inventoried Object
Logical part of
Chicago/Indiana/Vanderbilt Excavations Inventoried Objects
Subject number
L 111
Typological identification
Early Roman Italian Lamp
Common motif on western lamps and their eastern imitations: e.g., Waldhauer 1914, pp. 38, 43, nos. 206, 246, pls. XIX, XXVI (Hermitage; from Cyprus); Loeschcke 1919, pp. 382, 411, no. 281-284, 613, pl. XIII (Vindonissa); Iványi 1935, p. 48, no. 170, pl. VII:7=Alram-Stern 1989 (Carnuntum); Heres 1968, p. 197, no. 126, pl. 30:2 (Knidian); Menzel 1969, pp. 40, 41, no. 198, fig. 32:16 (RGZM; Knidian product, from Miletus); Djuric 1995, p. 41, no. C106 (Anwati Collection, Montreal).
Motif of eagle front with wings spread.
Ceramic (Material)
Has visual motif (depicts)
Eagle (Visual Motif)
Suggested citation
“KE 451 (Early Roman Italian[?] Lamp).” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2022. <>