KTH1007 (Late Roman South Pontic Amphora) [permalink] [next] [show more links]
In or from KTH Container
Logical part of
Threpsiades Inventoried Objects
A. Opaiţ, ”Local and imported wine at Pompeiopolis, Paphlagonia,“ RCRF Acta 45 (2016), pp. 701-713, Fig. 29.
Amphora. Narrow vertical but slightly tapering neck. Widened rim has flat to slightly concave outer face with sharp lower edge; upper face slopes inward to rounded edge. Ridge on interior and exterior. Thick loop handle attaches to upper neck. Overall can be characterized as a well-made small LRA1 but there are good parallels to Southern Pontic amphora possibly from Amastris (see Opaiţ 2016). Small part of dipinto in dark red paint survives on lower neck at attachment to shoulder.
Extant part
Fabric, firing, and surface description
Fabric is fired to consistent pale brown (10YR 7/4), surface thinly slip and just barely lighter than fabric. Frequent varied tiny bits, many dark; some medium to small dark angular, elongated chunks/stones.
Preservation comment
One large sherd preserves ca. 40% of rim and neck, one handle stub, and small part of upper wall. Slight, sparse abrasion and chipping especially around worn edges; specks of encrustation.
Base of neck diameter (estimated)
Preserved height
Estimated rim diameter
Wall thickness
Ceramic (Material)
Fabric Munsell reading
10YR 7/4
Suggested citation
“KTH1007 (Late Roman South Pontic Amphora).” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2019. <http://kenchreai.org/kth/kth1007>