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KAA typology generic term
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KA001 (Roman Marble Revetment)

KA002 (Roman Marble Molding)

KE 2 (Architectural Fragment)

KE 52 (Lion Head Spout)

KE 54 (Marble)

KE 55 (Marble)

KE 56 (Marble)

KE 58 (Marble)

KE 59 (Marble)

KE 60 (Marble)

KE 73 (Marble templon screen)

KE 74 (Late Roman Schistous Marble Revetment)

KE 73 (Marble sculpted relief)

KE 82 (Marble Templon Screen with Cross)

KE 83 (Marble Templon Screen with Christian Liturgical Inscription)

KE 84 (Marble Templon Screen with Cross)

KE 85 (Marble Templon Screen with Cross)

KE 87 (Marble Templon Screen with Cross)

KE 88 (Marble Templon Screen with Inscriptions)

KE 89 (Marble Templon Screen)

KE 90 (Marble Templon Screen)

KE 98 (Marble colonette base)

KE 99 (Marble molding)

KE 138 (Marble molding)

KE 141 (Marble relief decoration)

KE 151 (Marble colonette[?])

KE 155 (Marble Ionic Capital)

KE 178 (Marble column)

KE 179 (Marble Ionic Capital)

KE 180 (Inscribed column in Proconnesian marble)

KE 181 (Mullion-Colonnette in Proconnesian Marble)

KE 182 (Inscribed Marble Architectural Fragment)

KE 183 (Marble Architectural Fragment)

KE 184 (Molded Marble Architectural Fragment)

KE 185 (Molded Marble Architectural Fragment)

KE 186 (Molded Marble Architectural Fragment)

KE 237 (Terracotta Cornice)

KE 255 (Marble templon screen)

KE 256 (Marble templon screen)

KE 257 (Marble templon screen)

KE 258 (Late Roman Revetment with Sculpted Decoration)

KE 259 (Late Roman Revetment with Sculpted Decoration)

KE 262 (Tile fragment)

KE 271 (Marble Colonette)

KE 298 (Late Roman Revetment with Sculpted Decoration)

KE 379 (Terracotta Cornice[?])

KE 381 (Marble relief decoration)

KE 382 (Late Roman Schistous Marble Revetment)

KE 481 (Lion Head Spout)

KE 484 (Late Roman Corinthian capital)

KE 496 (Marble Early Christian Impost Capital)

KE 497 (Marble Architectural Molding)

KE 498 (Marble Impost Capital)

KE 499 (Marble Column Re-Used as Threshold)

KE 500 (Marble Templon Screen with Christian Liturgical Inscription)

KE 509 (Marble Architectural Molding)

KE 561 (Marble Capital Fragment)

KE 563 (Marble Slab with Molding)

KE 564 (Marble Ionic Capital)

KE 601 (Marble Impost Capital)

KE 631 (Late Archaic/Early Classical Painted Eaves Tile)

KE 692 (Ionic Colonette Base)

KE 798 (Marble Templon Screen)

KE 799 (Architectural Molding)

KE 800 (Marble Templon fragment?)

KE 801 (Marble Molded Architecture)

KE 804 (Marble Table-Top)

KE 805 (Limestone Pilaster Capital)

KE 806 (Marble Colonette)

KE 807 (Marble Mullion with Double Colonette)

KE 808 (Late Roman Marble Colonette)

KE 813 (Ionic Column Base)

KE 814 (Marble Impost Capital)

KE 815 (Marble Panel or Table-Top)

KE 817 (Marble Architectural Molding)

KE 827 (Marble Sculpted Relief)

KE 828 (Perforated Templon Screen)

KE 830 (Marble Impost)

KE 831 (Architectural Molding)

KE 833 (Limestone Architectural Fragment)

KE 837 (Late Roman Greek Inscribed Column)

KE 868 (Lion Head Spout)

KE 1024 (Architectural Lead)

KE 1340 (Corinthian Colonette Capital)

KE 1341 (Corinthian Capital?)

KE 1342 (White Marble Screen with Sculpted Decoration)

KE 1343 (Architectural Molding)

KE 1349 (Marble)

KE 1399 (Fine Marble Architectural Molding)

KE 1592 (Molded Plaster)

KE 1601 (Architectural Terracotta)

KE 1603 (Early/Middle Roman Greek Dedication?)

KE 1693 (Ionic Pilaster Capital)

KE 1694 (Marble Pilaster Capital)

KE 1695 (Marble Pilaster Capital)

KE 1696 (Marble Acanthus Molding)

KE 1697 (Marble Acanthus Molding)

KE 1706 (Marble Acanthus Molding)

KE 1707 (Marble Acanthus Molding)

KE 1918 (Architectural Marble)

KE 1935 (Marble Capital Reused as Fountainhead)

KE 1940 (Marble Corinthian Capital)

KE 1979 (Marble Screen or Revetment Slab)

KE 1980 (Marble Slab with Moulding)

KE 1981 (Marble Slab with Molding)

KE 1982 (Hexagonal Marble Plaque, Opus Sectile)

KE 1983 (Circular Porphyry Plaque, Opus Sectile)

KE 1984 (Triangular Porphyry Plaques, Opus Sectile)

KE 1986 (Circular Porphyry Disks, Opus Sectile)

KE 2082 (Impost Capital with Christogram)

KE 2355 (Inscribed Marble Column Bases)

KE 2382 (Architectural lead)

KE 2383 (Architectural lead)

KE 2388 (Architectural Lead)

KE 2395 (Architectural Lead)

KE 2396 (Architectural Lead)

KE 2397 (Architectural Lead)

KTH0170 (Marble Cornice)

KTH0204 (Late Roman Marble Screen)

KTH0276 (Roman Marble Colonette)

KTH0277 (Roman Marble Colonette Base)

KTH0278 (Late Roman Marble Impost with Cross)

KTH0280 (Marble Fragment)

KTH0303 (Late Roman Marble Ionic Capital with Cross)

KTH0459 (Marble Colonette[?])

KTH2117 (Marble Column)

KTH2118 (Marble Column)

KTH2128 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2532 (Marble Chip)

KTH2558 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2595 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2607 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2608 (Marble Chip)

KTH2610 (Marble Chip)

KTH2611 (Marble Chip)

KTH2613 (Marble Chip)

KTH2614 (Marble Chip)

KTH2770 (Marble Revetment)

KTH2812 (Late Roman Marble Impost with Cross)

Terracotta antefix

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