Decorative molding or relief [permalink] [show more links]
Typology Item
Architectural Element
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KA015 (Hellenistic-Roman Limestone Molded Block)

KA016 (Hellenistic-Roman Limestone Molded Block)

KA018 (Hellenistic-Roman Limestone Molded Block)

KA039 (Early-Middle Roman Marble Sculpted Slab)

KA040 (Early-Middle Roman Marble Sculpted Slab)

KA045 (Hellenistic-Roman Limestone Molded Block)

KA050 (Roman Marble Crown Molding)

KA052 (Early-Middle Roman Marble Base Molding)

KA064 (Limestone Sculpted Block)

KA002 (Roman Marble Molding)

KA005 (Ealy-Middle Roman Limestone Black with Molding)

KA007 (Early-Middle Roman Limestone Architectural Molding)

KE 54 (Sculpted Marble)

KE 73 (Marble sculpted relief)

KE 99 (Marble molding)

KE 138 (Marble molding)

KE 141 (Marble relief decoration)

KE 184 (Molded Marble Architectural Fragment)

KE 185 (Molded Marble Architectural Fragment)

KE 186 (Molded Marble Architectural Fragment)

KE 381 (Marble relief decoration)

KE 497 (Marble Architectural Molding)

KE 509 (Marble Architectural Molding)

KE 563 (Marble Slab with Molding)

KE 799 (Architectural Molding)

KE 801 (Marble Molded Architecture)

KE 817 (Marble Architectural Molding)

KE 827 (Marble Sculpted Relief)

KE 831 (Architectural Molding)

KE 1343 (Architectural Molding)

KE 1399 (Fine Marble Architectural Molding)

KE 1696 (Marble Acanthus Molding)

KE 1697 (Marble Acanthus Molding)

KE 1706 (Marble Acanthus Molding)

KE 1707 (Marble Acanthus Molding)

KE 1918 (Architectural Marble)

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“Decorative molding or relief.” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2024. <>