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KM1976-001 (Roman Ceramic Grill)

KM1989-008 (Roman Ceramic Grill)

KP008 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP032 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP061 (Small Stewpot)

KP1956-010 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP1956-011 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP1969-010 (Cooking Ware Lid)

KP1988-005 (Middle/Late Roman Stewpot)

KP1989-004 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP1989-010 (Vertical Rim Stewpot)

KP1989-014 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1989-020 (Early Roman Brazier or “Firestand“)

KP1989-022 (Early Roman Small Cooking Pot)

KP1989-035 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1989-036 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1989-037 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1989-039 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1990-004 (Deep Globular Stewpot)

KP1990-006 (Cooking Ware Lid)

KP1990-008 (Deep Globular Stewpot)

KP1990-009 (Roman Casserole)

KP1990-010 (Small Stewpot)

KP1990-027 (Deep Globular Stewpot)

KE 7 (Roman Trefoil-Mouthed Pitcher)

KE 43 (Ceramic grill and lid)

KE 168 (Frying Pan)

KE 243 (Frying pan)

KE 244 (Early Roman Brazier or “Firestand“)

KE 2145 (Frying Pan)

KE 2218 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KE 2236 (Casserole)

KE 2253 (Cooking-Ware Lid)

KE 2297 (Frying Pan)

KE 2318 (Frying Pan)

KE 2319 (Frying Pan)

KE 2322 (Cooking-Ware Lid)

KE 2335 (Casserole)

KE 2336 (Casserole)

KE 2337 (Casserole)

KE 2338 (Casserole)

KTH0298 (Frying Pan)

KTH1311 (Roman Cooking Ware)

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“Roman-period Cooking Ware.” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2019. <>