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KM003 (Roman Ceramic Grill)

KM1976-001 (Roman Ceramic Grill)

KM1989-008 (Roman Ceramic Grill)

KP008 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP032 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP061 (Small Stewpot)

KP1956-010 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP1956-011 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP1969-010 (Cooking Ware Lid)

KP1988-005 (Middle/Late Roman Stewpot)

KP1989-004 (Early Roman Casserole)

KP1989-010 (Vertical Rim Stewpot)

KP1989-014 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1989-020 (Early Roman Brazier or “Firestand“)

KP1989-022 (Early Roman Small Cooking Pot)

KP1989-035 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1989-036 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1989-037 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1989-039 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KP1990-004 (Deep Globular Stewpot)

KP1990-006 (Cooking Ware Lid)

KP1990-008 (Deep Globular Stewpot)

KP1990-009 (Roman Casserole)

KP1990-010 (Small Stewpot)

KP1990-027 (Deep Globular Stewpot)

KE 43 (Roman Ceramic Grill and Cooking-Ware Lid)

KE 168 (Roman Frying Pan)

KE 243 (Roman Frying Pan)

KE 244 (Early Roman Brazier or “Firestand“)

KE 2145 (Roman Frying Pan)

KE 2218 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KE 2236 (Casserole)

KE 2253 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KE 2297 (Frying Pan)

KE 2318 (Frying Pan)

KE 2319 (Frying Pan)

KE 2322 (Cooking-Ware Lid)

KE 2335 (Casserole)

KE 2336 (Phocaean Casserole)

KE 2337 (Casserole)

KE 2338 (Casserole)

KTH0949 (Roman Frying Pan)

KTH1311 (Roman Cooking Pot)

KTH1743 (Imitation Pompeian-Red Ware Frying Pan)

KTH1890 (Roman Frying Pan)

KTH2256 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH2319 (Roman Cooking-Ware Lid)

KTH2369 (Roman Ceramic Grill)

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“Roman-period Cooking Ware.” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2019. <>