KTH2640 (Keay 62Q Tunisian Amphora) [permalink] [show more links]
Logical part of
Threpsiades Inventoried Objects
Typological identification
Keay 62 Amphora
Typological identification comment
Keay 62Q (last third of 5th-first half of 6th century)
Cylindrical neck, slightly convex. Rim set off by groove has round outer and inner faces and an outwardly hooked lip.
Extant part
Fabric, firing, and surface description
Core: 2.5YR 6/6, light red. Surface: 2.5YR 6/4, light reddish brown. Consistently fired, hard. Fabric has uncommon, small, angular to rounded quartzite and calcareous pieces; granular break. Surviving patches of white skin from use of saline water.
Label or tag text
KTH-2015-001 | Room 6
Preservation comment
One large sherd preserves 28% or rim and upper neck. Slight, somewhat extensive erosion, abrasion, and chipping around edges; slightly worn breaks.
Preserved height
Estimated rim diameter
Wall thickness
Belongs to Historical Period
Late Roman (Historical Period)
Ceramic (Material)
Suggested citation
“KTH2640 (Keay 62Q Tunisian Amphora).” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2019. <http://kenchreai.org/kth/kth2640>