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KI001 (Late Roman Greek Inscription: epitaph?)

KI002 (Byzantine Graffito: Christian prayer)

KE 268 (Late Roman North Syrian Mortarium)

KE 474 (Late Roman Athenian Red-Slip Plate)

KE 837 (Late Roman Greek Inscribed Column)

KTH0014 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KTH0111 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0116 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian Lamp)

KTH0120 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0121 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0124 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0125 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0127 (Late Roman Bowl-Strainer)

KTH0174 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KTH0177 (Late Roman Athenian[?] Lamp)

KTH0182 (Late Roman Long-Spout Funnel)

KTH0190 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0205 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Athenian Lamp)

KTH0268 (Late Roman Palestinian Strainer)

KTH0458 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Stewpot)

KTH0460 (Late Roman Shallow Basin)

KTH0578 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Cooking Pot)

KTH0870 (Late Roman Shallow Basin)

KTH1951 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian Lamp)

KTH2220 (Late Roman Amphora)

Late Roman Lamp

African Red Slip Lamp Hayes Type II

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Aegean Lamp

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Asia Minor Lamp

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian or Regional Lamp, imitation North African

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian or Regional Lamp, imitation Syro-Cypriote

African Red-Slip Hayes Form 99

Late Roman Amphora 1

Late Roman Amphora 2

Late Roman Amphora 4

Phocaean Red Slip

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