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Metal (Material)
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KM021 (Iron Nail)

KM024 (Iron Nail)

KM025 (Iron Nail)

KM026 (Iron Nail Embedded in Mortar)

KM027 (Iron Nail)

KM028 (Iron Nail)

KM029 a-d (Iron Nails)

KM032 (Iron Nail)

KM033 (Iron Nail)

KM034 (Iron Nail)

KM035 a-c (Iron Nails)

KM048 (Iron Nail)

KM049 (Iron Blade)

KM050 (Iron Nail)

KM072 (Iron Nail)

KM073 (Iron Nail)

KM074 (Iron Nail)

KM076 (Iron Nail)

KM077 (Iron Nail)

KM079 a, b (Iron Nails)

KM080 (Iron Nail)

KM081 (Iron Nail)

KM082 a, b (Iron Nails)

KM083 (Iron and Bronze Pins(?))

KM084 (Iron Nail)

KM085 a-d (Iron Nails)

KM086 (Iron Nail)

KM087 a-i (Iron Nails)

KM089 (Iron Nail)

KM091 a, b (Iron Nails)

KM092a (Iron Nail)

KM092b (Iron Hobnails)

KM093 a, b (Iron Nails)

KM094 a-e (Iron Nails)

KM095 a-k (Iron Nails)

KM097 a-p (Iron Nails)

KM098 a-d (Iron Nails)

KM099 (Iron Nail)

KM100 (Iron Nail)

KM101 (Iron Nail)

KM111 a1-e3 (Iron Nails)

KM113 (Iron Blade)

KM114 a-c (Iron Rings)

KM115 (Iron Nail)

KM116 (Iron Nail)

KM135 (Iron Nail)

KM137 (Iron Nail)

KM150 (Iron Ring)

KM178 (Iron Nail)

KM189 (Iron Nail)

KM1969-001 (Iron Nail)

KM1969-002 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-003 (Iron Nail)

KM1969-004 (Iron Nail)

KM1969-005 (Iron Nail)

KM1969-006 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-007 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-008 (Iron Nail)

KM1969-009 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-010 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-011 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-012 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-013 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-014 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-015 (Iron Nail with Wood Impression)

KM1969-016 (Iron Nail)

KM1989-009 (Iron Bar[s] or Grillwork?)

KE 217 (Iron Nails)

KE 218 (Iron Fragments)

KE 226 (Iron Nails)

KE 227 (Iron Nails)

KE 253 (Iron Nail)

KE 900 (Iron Key)

KE 901 (Iron Blade)

KE 902 (Iron Finger Ring?)

KE 906 (Iron Strigil?)

KE 1081 (Iron Spearhead)

KE 1083 (Lead and iron(?) pin)

KE 1105 (Iron Key)

KE 1155 (Iron Nails)

KE 1156 (Iron Blade)

KE 1158 (Iron Blade: Sword?)

KE 1410 (Iron Nail)

KE 1411 (Iron Fragment)

KE 1415 (Iron Clamps)

KE 1418 (Iron Clamp)

KE 1419 (Iron Clamp)

KE 1421 (Iron Nails)

KE 1422 (Iron Blade)

KE 1423 (Iron Nails)

KE 1429 (Iron Blade)

KE 1460 (Iron Fastener)

KE 1463 (Iron Nail or Clamp)

KE 1635 (Iron Clamp)

KE 1653 (Iron Nail)

KE 1654 (Iron Nail)

KE 1655 (Iron Nail in Mortar)

KE 1656 (Iron Nail)

KE 1670 (Iron Nail in Mortar)

KE 1683 (Iron Spike)

KE 1943 (Iron Blade)

KE 1972 (Iron Key)

KE 2091 (Iron Nail)

KE 2094 (Iron Hobnails or Tacks)

KE 2376 (Iron Clamps and Brackets)

KE 2377 (Iron Spikes or Bars)

KE 2378 (Iron Nail or Clamp)

KTH0104a-p (Iron Nail)

KTH0109 (Iron Nail)

KTH0112 (Iron Handle)

KTH0137a-y (Iron Nails)

KTH0139a/b+c/d (Iron Nail)

KTH0141a-j (Iron Nails)

KTH0142 (Iron Buckle)

KTH0152a-c (Iron Nail, Burned Mortar, and Modern Gasket)

KTH0159a-k (Iron Nail)

KTH0183a-f (Iron Spikes)

KTH0193a-s (Iron Nails)

KTH0194a-m (Iron Nails)

KTH0195a, b (Iron Nails)

KTH0196a-c (Iron Nails)

KTH0201a, b (Iron Spikes)

KTH0208a-e (Iron Nails)

KTH0231a-ee (Burned Mass of Iron, Plaster, and Pottery)

KTH0246 (Iron Nail)

KTH0247a, b (Iron and Plaster Fragments)

KTH0249a, b (Iron Nails)

KTH0250 (Iron Nail)

KTH0263a-c (Iron Nails)

KTH0265a-e (Iron Nails)

KTH0270 (Ancient Mortar with Embedded Metal)

KTH0294a-e (Iron Nails)

KTH0296 (Iron Fragment[?])

KTH0299a-z (Iron Nails)

KTH1308a/b (Iron Fragments)

KTH1310 (Iron Nail)

KTH1491 (Late Roman Amphora 2 with iron plug)

KTH1959 (Iron Nail)

KTH2121a-f (Iron Nail)

KTH2122 (Iron Nail)

KTH2123 (Iron Nails)

KTH2374 (Iron Nail)

KTH2375 (Iron Nail)

KTH2488 (Ancient Mortar with Embedded Metal)

KTH2489 (Roman Iron Blade or Spike)

KTH2589 (Iron Fragment)

KTH2592 (Iron Blade)

KTH2612 (Iron Nail)

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