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KM011 (Early Roman Gold Finger Ring with Cornelian)

KM012 (Early Roman Gold Finger Ring with Nicolo Intaglio)

KE 325 (Bronze Finger Ring)

KE 723 (Gilded Bronze Finger Ring with Cornelian)

KE 902 (Iron Finger Ring?)

KE 1086 (Bronze Ring)

KE 1090 (Bronze Ring)

KE 1190 (Bronze Finger Ring)

KE 1440 (Bronze Finger Ring)

KE 1466 (Bronze Ring)

KE 1556 (Gold Finger Ring)

KE 1838 (Bronze Finger Ring)

KE 1843 (Bronze Finger Ring)

KE 1929 (Bronze Ring)

KE 1946 (Cornelian Ringstone with Intaglio)

KE 1999 (Bronze Ring)

Suggested citation
“Finger Ring.” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2019. <>