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Visual Motif
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Co 1143 (Middle Roman assarion of Elagabalus from Thessalonica)

KE 1004 (Terracotta Figurine of Muse[?])

Aphrodite/Venus (Visual Motif)

Apollo (Visual Motif)

Ares/Mars (Visual Motif)

Artemis/Diana (Visual Motif)

Asklepios/Aesculapius (Visual Motif)

Athena/Minerva (Visual Motif)

Ceres/Demeter (Visual Motif)

Dionysos/Bacchus (Visual Motif)

Eirene/Pax (Visual Motif)

Eros/Cupid (Visual Motif)

Helios/Sol (Visual Motif)

Hephaistos/Vulcan (Visual Motif)

Hera/Juno (Visual Motif)

Heracles/Hercules (Visual Motif)

Hermes/Mercury (Visual Motif)

Isis (Visual Motif)

Jesus Christ (Visual Motif)

Nike/Victoria (Visual Motif)

Olympian Deity (Visual Motif)

Pan (Visual Motif)

Persephone/Kore/Proserpina (Visual Motif)

Poseidon/Neptune (Visual Motif)

Sarapis (Visual Motif)

Silenos (Visual Motif)

Triton (Visual Motif)

Tyche/Fortuna (Visual Motif)

Zeus/Jupiter (Visual Motif)

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