KM013 (Early Roman Gold Earrings with Glass Beads) [permalink] [show more links]
Logical part of
Kenchreai Cemetery Project Inventoried Objects
Typological identification
Matching pair of gold earrings. Oval to circular wire ending in a small loop with wire wrapped around the loop. Wire pendant (L. 0.011 m) attached by loop with wire wrapped around top portion of pendant shaft. Small spherical bead in opaque, white glass hangs on pendant, secured by a small gold ball fastened to the end of the shaft.
Preservation comment
Both loops intact in good condition; bead of KM013a is chipped and bead of KM013b is missing.
Maximum diameter
Other Dimensions
L. pendant 0.011
Belongs to Historical Period
Early Roman (Historical Period)
Belongs to Historical Period
Middle Roman (Historical Period)
Gold (Material)
Suggested citation
“KM013 (Early Roman Gold Earrings with Glass Beads).” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2019. <>