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Metal (Material)
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KM011 (Early Roman Gold Finger Ring with Cornelian)

KM012 (Early Roman Gold Finger Ring with Nicolo Intaglio)

KM013 (Early-Middle Roman Gold Earrings with Glass Beads)

KM014 (Gold Foil Coin Impression)

KM022 (Gold Filament)

KM023 (Early-Middle Roman Gold Earring)

KM047 (Early-Middle Roman Gold Earring)

KM109 (Early Roman Gold Finger Ring with Cornelian)

KM110 (Early-Middle Roman Gold Bracteate)

KE 175 (Gold earring)

KE 723 (Gilded Bronze Finger Ring with Cornelian)

KE 1556 (Gold Finger Ring)

KE 1560 (Gold Chain)

KE 1561 (Gold and Silver Jewelry)

KE 1848 (Gold Earring)

KE 1858 (Gold Earring)

KE 1927 (Gold granulated bauble)

KE 2066 (Gold Granulation)

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