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Used to indicate the material an object consists of. Distinct from the 'gl' abbrviation under typology, which is used to identify a category of small find, often a vessel.
Linked to

KM001 (Early Roman Glass Bottle)

KM1969-017 (Molten Glass Fragments)

KM1969-018 (Glass Vessel)

KM1969-019 (Glass Bowl)

KM1969-020 (Glass Bowl)

KM1969-021 (Glass Unguentarium)

KM1969-022 (Glass Rod)

KM1969-026 (Glass Stemmed Vessel)

KM1988-002 (Glass Cup or Bowl)

KM1989-001 (Glass Bowl)

KM1989-002 (Glass Vessel)

KM1989-003 (Glass Unguentarium)

KM1989-004 (Glass Bowl)

KM1989-005 (Glass Bottle)

KM1989-006 (Glass Stemmed Bowl or Kantharos)

KM1989-007 (Glass window pane)

KM1990-001 (Early Roman Glass Unguentarium)

KE 13 (Glass)

KE 35 (Glass)

KE 36 (Glass)

KE 37 (Glass)

KE 45 (Glass)

KE 48 (Glass)

KE 49 (Glass)

KE 50 (Glass Spinning Whorl)

KE 66 (Glass bead)

KE 68 (Glass Bowl)

KE 72 (Window Glass)

KE 94 (Glass)

KE 95 (Glass Bead)

KE 132 (Glass)

KE 133 (Glass)

KE 134 (Glass)

KE 135 (Glass bowl)

KE 137 (Glass bead or gaming piece)

KE 191 (Glass Weight)

KE 201 (Glass Jug and fragments)

KE 202 (Glass Unguentarium)

KE 219 (Glass Fragments)

KE 220 (Glass Fragments)

KE 221 (Glass Fragments)

KE 222 (Glass Fragments)

KE 223 (Glass Fragments)

KE 224 (Glass Fragments)

KE 225 (Glass Fragments)

KE 228 (Glass Fragments)

KE 230 (Glass Handle)

KE 231 (Glass fragments)

KE 279 (Glass Fragments)

KE 280 (Glass Fragments)

KE 282 (Glass Fragments)

KE 283 (Glass Fragments)

KE 284 (Glass Fragments)

KE 285 (Glass Fragments)

KE 286 (Glass Fragments)

KE 287 (Glass Fragments)

KE 310 (Glass bead or gaming piece)

KE 311 (Glass Fragments)

KE 312 (Glass Fragments)

KE 313 (Glass Fragments)

KE 314 (Glass Bottle or Unguentarium)

KE 315 (Glass Goblet)

KE 316 (Glass Fragments)

KE 317 (Glass Fragments)

KE 318 (Glass Window Panes)

KE 319 (Glass Vessel)

KE 320 (Glass Fragments)

KE 322 (Glass Fragments)

KE 323 (Glass Fragments)

KE 324 (Glass Fragments)

KE 344 (Glass Bead)

KE 345 (Glass)

KE 347 (Glass Fragments)

KE 348 (Glass Fragments)

KE 349 (Glass Fragments)

KE 350 (Glass Fragments)

KE 351 (Glass Window Pane)

KE 460 (Glass Figurine or Amulet)

KE 472 (Glass Fragments)

KE 473 (Glass Fragments)

KE 520 (Glass)

KE 521 (Glass fragments)

KE 521 (Glass)

KE 522 (Glass)

KE 652 (Glass or Faïence Bead)

KE 653 (Glass Button or Whorl)

KE 654 (Glass bead or gaming piece)

KE 655 (Glass Button or Whorl)

KE 659 (Glass Windows)

KE 660 (Glass Fragments)

KE 661 (Glass Windows)

KE 664 (Glass Fragments)

KE 665 (Glass Fragments)

KE 666 (Glass Fragments)

KE 667 (Glass Fragments)

KE 668 (Glass Fragments)

KE 683 (Glass)

KE 684 (Glass)

KE 685 (Glass Fragments)

KE 686 (Glass Fragments)

KE 688 (Glass Fragments)

KE 715 (Burned Tile? Glass Crucible?)

KE 716 (Burned Tile? Glass Crucible?)

KE 717 (Glass Windows and Lamps)

KE 752 (Glass Fragment)

KE 752 (Glass)

KE 768 (Molded glass appliqué)

KE 1017 (Glass)

KE 1018 (Glass)

KE 1019 (Glass)

KE 1020 (Glass)

KE 1021 (Glass fragment)

KE 1021 (Glass)

KE 1022 (Glass fragment)

KE 1022 (Glass)

KE 1023 (Glass)

KE 1085 (Blue Glass Bead)

KE 1088 (Red Glass Bead)

KE 1234 (Glass bead or gaming piece)

Ke 1235 (Glass Base)

KE 1236 (Glass)

KE 1237 (Glass Opus Sectile Fragments)

KE 1238 (Glass Opus Sectile Fragments)

KE 1239 (Glass Flask or Jug)

KE 1240 (Molded Glass Vessel)

KE 1241 (Glass Ornament or Gaming Piece)

KE 1242 (Kiln Waster or Glass Frit?)

KE 1269 (Glass)

KE 1270 (Glass Flask or Jug)

KE 1271 (Glass Unguentarium)

KE 1322 (Glass)

KE 1323 (Glass Fragments)

KE 1324 (Early Roman Ribbed Bowl)

KE 1325 (Glass Jug)

KE 1326 (Glass Fragments)

KE 1417 (Glass Ribbed Bowl)

KE 1428 (Glass Bead or Gaming Piece)

KE 1457 (Molded Glass Bowl)

KE 1471 (Glass Bead or Gaming Piece)

KE 1472 (Glass Bead or Gaming Piece)

KE 1498 (Mosaic Glass)

KE 1499 (Glass Bowl)

KE 1562 (Moldmade Glass Bowl)

KE 1564 (Glass Fragment)

KE 1585 (Glass Vessel)

KE 1597 (Glass)

KE 1607 (Glass)

KE 1629 (Glass with Blue Pastilles)

KE 1631 (Glass)

KE 1636 (Glass)

KE 1640 (Glass)

KE 1641 (Glass)

KE 1642 (Glass)

KE 1643 (Glass)

KE 1645 (Glass)

KE 1646 (Glass)

KE 1648 (Glass Lamp)

KE 1667 (Glass)

KE 1668 (Glass)

KE 1669 (Glass)

KE 1685 (Glass)

KE 1690 (Glass)

KE 1691 (Glass)

KE 1699 (Glass)

KE 1700 (Glass)

KE 1732 (Glass)

KE 1733 (Glass)

KE 1760 (Glass)

KE 1761 (Glass Bead)

KE 1762 (Glass)

KE 1792 (Glass)

KE 1795 (Crimped Trail in Glass)

KE 1821 (Glass)

KE 1827 (Glass)

KE 1850 (Glass Bead)

KE 1871 (Glass)

KE 1872 (Glass)

KE 1873 (Glass)

KE 1874 (Glass or Faïence Bead)

KE 1880 (Glass)

KE 1881 (Glass)

KE 1882 (Glass)

KE 1888 (Glass Bottle)

KE 1920 (Glass)

KE 1932 (Glass or Faïence Bead)

KE 1938 (Glass)

KE 1970 (Glass)

KE 2036 (Glass)

KE 2037 (Glass Bottle)

KE 2038 (Glass)

KE 2039 (Glass)

KE 2040 (Glass)

KE 2041 (Glass ribbed bowl)

KE 2042 (Glass)

KE 2043 (Glass ribbed bowls)

KE 2044 (Glass ribbed bowl)

KE 2045 (Glass ribbed bowl and fragments)

KE 2046 (Glass ribbed bowls)

KE 2047 (Glass)

KE 2048 (Glass bowls)

KE 2049 (Glass bowl)

KE 2050 (Glass)

KE 2051 (Glass)

KE 2052 (Glass Bowl)

KE 2053 (Glass bowl)

KE 2054 (Glass fragments)

KE 2055 (Glass)

KE 156 (Glass bowl)

KE 2057 (Glass bowl)

KE 2058 (Glass bowls)

KE 2059 (Glass)

KE 2060 (Glass)

KE 2061 (Glass)

KE 2062 (Glass jar or beaker)

KE 2093 (Glass Lamp Handles)

KE 2346 (Glass)

KE 2348 (Glass)

KE 2349 (Glass)

KE 2356 (Glass)

KE 2357 (Glass)

KE 2358 (Glass)

KE 2359 (Glass)

KE 2360 (Glass bowl)

KE 2361 (Glass)

KE 2362 (Glass)

KE 2363 (Large Globular Bottle)

KE 2364 (Small glass bottle)

KE 2365 (Glass bowl)

KE 2366 (Glass ribbed bowl)

KE 2367 (Glass)

KE 2368 (Glass)

KE 2369 (Moldmade Glass)

KE 2370 (Glass ribbed bowls)

KE 2371 (Glass)

KE 2372 (Glass)

KE 2373 (Glass Flask)

KE 2374 (Glass unguentarium)

KE 2375 (Glass)

KTH0100 (Raw Glass)

KTH0101a-j (Raw Glass)

KTH0103a+b (Glass Beaker)

KTH0106 (Glass Small Bowl)

KTH0107 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0108a-e (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0110a-c (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0113 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0114 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0115a-g (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0118a/b (Glass Globular Vessel)

KTH0123a/b, c, d (Glass Bottle[s] or Flask[s])

KTH0128 (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0129 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0130 (Glass Large Bottle or Flask)

KTH0131 (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0132 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0133 (Small Glass Bowl)

KTH0135 (Glass Flask)

KTH0136a-p (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0138a+b/c (Glass Large Globular Flask)

KTH0140a/b, c (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0143a-c (Glass Lid or Lamp Base[?] and Other Fragments)

KTH0147 (Late Antique Glass Amphoriskos)

KTH149a+b/c/d-f (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0150 (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0153 (Early Byzantine Glass Flask)

KTH0154a-c (Glass Bottle or Flask and Window Pane)

KTH0155 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0156 (Late Antique Glass Bottle with Molded Bottom)

KTH0157 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0158 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0160 (Small Glass Bowl or Cup)

KTH0161 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0163 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0164 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0166 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0167 (Small Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0168 (Small Glass Bowl or Cup)

KTH0169 (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0192a, b (Glass Jar and Large Bowl or Cup)

KTH0209 (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0210 (Raw Glass)

KTH0211 (Glass Beaker or Large Cup)

KTH0212 (Glass Crucible?)

KTH0213a-i (Large Glass Bowl, Beaker, and Other Fragments)

KTH0216 (Late Antique Glass Flask)

KTH0217 (Small Glass Bowl)

KTH0218 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0221 (Globular Glass Bottle)

KTH0223 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0224 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0225 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0226a/b (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0227 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0228 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0232 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0236 (Small Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0237 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0238 (Late Antique Glass Flask)

KTH0239 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0240 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0241 (Glass Stemmed Cup or Bowl)

KTH0242 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0244 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0245 (Glass Bowl)

KTH0252 (Glass Window Pane)

KTH0253 (Glass Bowl)

KTH0257 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0266 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0267 (Late Antique Large Glass Flask)

KTH0282 (Glass)

KTH0283 (Glass)

KTH0284 (Glass)

KTH0285 (Glass)

KTH0286 (Glass)

KTH0287 (Glass)

KTH0288 (Glass)

KTH0289 (Glass)

KTH0290 (Glass)

KTH0291 (Glass)

KTH0293 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0301a, b (Large Globular Glass Flask and Small Bottle[?])

KTH0304 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0305 (Large Glass Flask or Bowl)

KTH0306 (Glass)

KTH0307 (Glass)

KTH0308 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0309 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0310 (Large Glass Flask or Bowl)

KTH0311 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0312 (Glass)

KTH0313 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0314 (Glass)

KTH0315 (Glass Flask)

KTH0316a+b/c (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0317 (Glass Bottle)

KTH0318 (Glass)

KTH0319 (Glass)

KTH0320 (Glass Stemmed Cup)

KTH0321a+b/c/d (Glass Flask)

KTH0322 (Small Glass Flask)

KTH0323 (Glass Cup or Beaker)

KTH0324 (Small Glass Flask)

KTH0325 (Glass)

KTH0326 (Glass)

KTH0327 (Glass)

KTH0328 (Glass)

KTH0329 (Glass)

KTH0330 (Glass)

KTH0331 (Glass)

KTH0332 (Glass)

KTH0333 (Glass)

KTH0334 (Glass)

KTH0335 (Glass)

KTH0336 (Glass)

KTH0337 (Glass)

KTH0338 (Glass)

KTH0339 (Glass)

KTH0340 (Glass)

KTH0341 (Glass)

KTH0342 (Glass)

KTH0343 (Glass)

KTH0344 (Glass)

KTH0345 (Glass)

KTH0346 (Glass)

KTH0347 (Glass)

KTH0348 (Glass)

KTH0349 (Glass)

KTH0351 (Glass)

KTH0353 (Glass)

KTH0354 (Glass)

KTH0355 (Glass)

KTH0356 (Glass)

KTH0357 (Glass)

KTH0372 (Glass Bottle or Flask)

KTH0441 (Glass)

KTH0456 (Glass)

KTH1294 (Glass)

KTH1295 (Small Glass Bowl or Cup)

KTH1296 (Raw Glass)

KTH1297 (Raw Glass)

KTH1302 (Raw Glass)

KTH1303 (Modern Glass)

KTH1304 (Glass)

KTH1958 (Raw Glass)

KTH2034 (Glass)

KTH2134 (Stemmed Cup)

KTH2135 (Flask/bottle)

KTH2618 (Glass unguentarium?)

KTH2619 (Window pane)

KTH2620 (Cup/small bowl)

KTH2792 (Late Antique Glass Flask)

Suggested citation
“Glass (Material).” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2019. <>