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Metal (Material)
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KM041 (Early-Middle Roman Lead Magical Container)

KM042 (Early-Middle Roman Lead Tablet with Magical Text)

KM043 (Early-Middle Roman Lead Tablet with Magical Text)

KM044 (Lead Plug or Spike)

KM088 (Early-Middle Roman Lead Tablet with Magical Text)

KM112 (Lead Weight or Clamp(?))

KE 21 (Lead)

KE 198 (Byzantine Lead Seal Blank)

KE 326 (Byzantine Lead Seal?)

KE 374 (Lead Clamp)

KE 470 (Unidentified Lead)

KE 471 (Lead disc or vessel?)

KE 486 (Roman Lead Pipe)

KE 511 (Bronze and lead tenon?)

KE 512 (Lead Bullet)

KE 555 (Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 575 (Lead Clasp[?])

KE 576 (Lead Weight)

KE 726 (Lead Strip)

KE 727 (Lead Strip)

KE 891 (Lead Nail)

KE 1024 (Architectural Lead)

KE 1025 (Lead Strip)

KE 1083 (Lead and iron(?) pin)

KE 1231 (Lead Bullet)

KE 1420 (Large Lead Clamp)

KE 1430 (Byzantine Lead Seal)

KE 1431 (Byzantine Lead Seal)

KE 1432 (Byzantine Lead Seal)

KE 1433 (Lead Blank?)

KE 1434 (Byzantine Lead Seal?)

KE 1450 (Byzantine Lead Seal)

KE 1468 (Lead Point?)

KE 1470 (Lead Nail or Blank?)

KE 1473 (Lead Blank or Token)

KE 1555 (Lead Fragment)

KE 1579 (Lead Bullet?)

KE 1584 (Lead Grommet?)

KE 1647 (Lead Ring)

KE 1649 (Lead Strip)

KE 1652 (Lead Fragment)

KE 1671 (Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 1673 (Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 1674 (Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 1675 (Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 1676 (Painted Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 1677 (Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 1678 (Lead Fragments)

KE 1734 (Lead Fragments)

KE 1735 (Lead Strip)

KE 1736 (Lead Fragment)

KE 1737 (Lead Fragment)

KE 1738 (Lead Strip)

KE 1739 (Lead Fragment)

KE 1740 (Lead Sheeting)

KE 1741 (Lead Strip)

KE 1742 (Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 1743 (Lead Fragment)

KE 1744 (Lead Fragment)

KE 1751 (Lead Fishnet Weight)

KE 1790 (Lead Strip)

KE 1833 (Lead Pin or Dowel)

KE 1931 (Lead Weight)

KE 1945 (Lead Shell Weight)

KE 1959 (Lead Strips)

KE 1962 (Conical Lead Weight)

KE 1976 (Lead Fishing Weight?)

KE 1992 (Lead Potmender)

KE 1994 (Lead Sheeting)

KE 2098 (Lead Architectural Clamp)

KE 2099 (Lead Architectural Clamp)

KE 2100 (Lead Architectural Clamp)

KE 2012 (Lead architectural clamp)

KE 2102 (Lead Architectural Clamp)

KE 2353 (Lead strip or handle)

KE 2379 (Lead Strip)

KE 2380 (Lead Loop?)

KE 2381 (Lead Sheeting)

KE 2382 (Architectural lead)

KE 2383 (Architectural lead)

KE 2384 (Lead)

KE 2385 (Lead Strip)

KE 2386 (Lead Strip)

KE 2387 (Lead Strip)

KE 2388 (Architectural Lead)

KE 2389 (Lead Framing or Clamp)

KE 2390 (Lead Potmender)

KE 2391 (Lead Nail or Clamp)

KE 2392 (Lead Potmender)

KE 2393 (Lead Potmender)

KE 2394 (Lead Dowel or Tenon)

KE 2395 (Architectural Lead)

KE 2396 (Architectural Lead)

KE 2397 (Architectural Lead)

KE 2398 (Lead Clamp)

KE 2399 (Lead potmender)

KE 2402 (Lead seal or token?)

KTH0173 (Architectural Lead)

KTH0181 (Architectural Lead)

KTH0541 (Sherd with Lead Potmender)

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“Lead (Material).” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2022. <http://kenchreai.org/typology/lead>