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KTH1420 (Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Stemmed Cup)

KTH1423 (Hellenistic Corinthian Bowl)

KTH1514 (Classical-Hellenistic Attic Fine-Ware Vessel)

KTH2029 (Classical-Hellenistic Attic Bowl)

KTH2030 (Classical-Hellenistic Imported Pitcher or Oil Container)

KTH2253 (Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Vessel)

KTH2257 (Classical-Hellenistic Lekane or Krater[?])

KTH2540 (Hellenistic Imported Plate or Bowl)

KTH2541 (Hellenistic Corinthian Bowl or Juglet)

KTH2543 (Hellenistic Corinthian Moldmade Bowl)

KTH2544 (Late Archaic-Early Classical Attic One-Handler)

KTH2577 (Hellenistic Imported Large Slipped Bowl)

KTH2581 (Hellenistic Corinthian Drinking Bowl)

KTH2585 (Hellenistic Moldmade Bowl)

KTH2588 (Hellenistic Attic Kantharos)

KTH2702 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Corinthian Pyxis Lid)

KTH2705 (Late Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Echinus Bowl)

KTH2807 (Early Hellenistic Corinthian Unguentarium)

KTH2808 (Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Krater or Bowl)

Howland Type 42 Lamp

Howland Type 43 Lamp

Howland Type 44 Lamp

Howland Type 48 Lamp

Megarian bowl

KL026 (Late Hellenistic Asia Minor Lamp)

KTH0178 (Late Classical-Hellenistic Corinthian Lamp)

KE 454 (Late Classical/Early Hellenistic Corinthian[?] Lamp)

KL001 (Middle Hellenistic Athenian[?] Lamp)

KE 65 (Middle Hellenistic Athenian Lamp)

KE 51 (Hellenistic Corinthian Moldmade Bowl)

KE 613 (Hellenistic Moldmade Bowl)

KE 769 (Hellenistic Moldmade Bowl)

KE 1260 (Hellenistic Athenian Moldmade Bowl)

KE 1265 (Hellenistic Moldmade Athenian Bowl, Petals and Guilloche)

KE 1267 (Hellenistic Moldmade Athenian Bowl, Net-Pattern)

KE 1522 (Hellenistic Moldmade Bowl)

KE 1684 (Hellenistic Moldmade Bowl)

KE 1837 (Hellenistic Moldmade Bowl)