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Historical Period
Byzantine (Historical Period)
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KI002 (Byzantine Graffito: Christian prayer)

Co 197 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine bronze pentanummion of Justin II and Sophia)

KE 503 (Early Byzantine Regional Circular Lamp)

KE 591 (Early Byzantine[?] Stewpot or Cooking-Ware Beaker)

KE 718 (Early Byzantine Bronze Buckle)

KE 2184 (Early Byzantine Pontic Amphora)

KTH0111 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0116 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian Lamp)

KTH0125 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0126 (Early Byzantine Palestinian Lamp)

KTH0151 (Early Byzantine Regional Jug with Incised Decoration)

KTH0190 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KTH0205 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Athenian Lamp)

KTH0262 (Early Byzantine Palestinian Lamp)

KTH0454+KTH2368 (Beirut 8 Amphora)

KTH0508 (Early Byzantine Regional Cooking Pot)

KTH0578 (Early Byzantine Regional Cooking Pot)

KTH0673 (Early Byzantine Regional Cooking Pot)

KTH0701 (Early Byzantine Regional Cooking Pot)

KTH0796 (Early Byzantine Lantern)

KTH0805 (Late Roman Amphora 14)

KTH0832 (Beirut 8 Amphora)

KTH1028 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Cooking Pot)

KTH1266 (Early Byzantine Regional Large Globular Picther)

KTH1345 (Early Byzantine Regional Pitcher)

KTH1374 (Late Roman Amphora 14)

KTH1376 (Early Medieval Northern Adriatic Cooking Pot with incised decoration)

KTH1416 (Early Byzantine Regional Jug)

KTH1465 (Small Amphora Stopper/Lid, variant production)

KTH1597 (Early Byzantine Regional Jug)

KTH1702 (Early Byzantine Regional Jug)

KTH1951 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian Lamp)

KTH2126 (Late Roman-Early Byzantine Regional Collander)

KTH2368+0454 (Beirut 8 Amphora)

African Red Slip Lamp Hayes Type II

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian or Regional, copy North African

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Aegean Lamp

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Asia Minor Lamp

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian or Regional Lamp, imitation North African

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Corinthian or Regional Lamp, imitation Syro-Cypriote

Palestinian “Boot Type” Lamp

African Red-Slip Hayes Form 104

African Red-Slip Hayes Form 105

African Red-Slip Hayes Form 109

African Red-Slip Hayes Form 99

African Red-Slip Hayes Form 99c

Athenian Late Roman Red-Slip ARS Hayes 61 Imitation

Late Roman Amphora 1

Late Roman Amphora 14

Late Roman Amphora 2

Late Roman Amphora 4

Late Roman Amphora 5

Late Roman Amphora 6

Late Roman Amphora 7

Phocaean Red Slip

Phocaean Red-Slip Hayes 10c

Suggested citation
“Early Byzantine (Historical Period).” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2021. <http://kenchreai.org/historical-chronology/early-byzantine>