Area UA (Underwater at south mole) [permalink] [next] [show more links]
Excavation Area
Logical part of
The Chicago/Indiana/Vanderbilt Excavations under the American School
Physical part of
The Archaeological Site of Kenchreai in Greece
Linked to

KE 1948 (Dressel 2-4 Italian Amphora)

KE 1953 (Early Roman Italian Lamp)

KE 1971 (Bone Spoon)

KE 1987 (Early Roman Asia Minor[?] Lamp)

KE 1998 (Eastern Sigillata A Hayes Form 49 with graffito)

Ke 2016 bis (Early Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 2067 (Early Roman Jug)

KE 2070 (Eastern Sigillata A Hayes Form 43)

KE 2075 (Regional Slipped Bowl with Incurved Rim)

KE 2076 (Cypriot Sigillata Hayes Form P19)

KE 2077 (Eastern Sigillata A Hayes Form 24)

KE 2079 (Early Roman Corinthian Basin)

KE 2096 (Early Roman Jug/Pitcher)

KE 2114 (Cypriot Sigillata Hayes Form P19 Variant)

KE 2125 (Stone Anchor)

KE 2145 (Early-Middle Roman Frying Pan)

KE 2155 (Early Roman Gray Ware Skyphos)

KE 2158 (Early-Middle Roman Imported Baking Pan)

KE 2183 (Middle Roman Amphora 7)

KE 2184 (Early Byzantine Pontic Amphora)

KE 2186 (Two-Handled Tall Jar)

KE 2187 (Eastern Sigillata C Hayes Form 3)

KE 2189 (Dressel 6A Amphora)

KE 2190 (Dressel 6 Amphora)

KE 2194 (Byzantine Jug)

Ke 2197 bis (Middle Roman Platter)

KE 2207 (Eastern Sigillata B Form 8)

KE 2209 (Middle-Late Hellenistic Corinthian Mortarium)

KE 2216 (Knidian Relief Ware Askos: Sheep)

KE 2221 (Eastern Sigillata A Hayes Form 27)

KE 2230 (Amphora)

KE 2240 (Middle Roman Amphora 3)

KE 2241 (Middle Roman Amphora 3)

KE 2242 (Middle Roman Amphora 3)

KE 2244 (Late Roman Amphora 2)

KE 2248 (Regional Moldmade Cup)

KE 2264 (Dressel 2-4 Italian Amphora)

KE 2270 (Forlimpopoli B Amphora)

KE 2276 (Early Roman Glazed Krater)

KE 2285 (Trefoil-Mouth Pitcher)

KE 2302 (Miniature Jug)

KE 2303 (Late Hellenistic-Early Roman Alabstron)

KE 2318 (Early Roman Imported Frying Pan)

KE 2319 (Early Roman Imported Frying Pan)

KE 2323 (Early Micaceous Water Jar)

KE 2324 (Middle Roman Amphora 3)

Suggested citation
“Area UA (Underwater at south mole).” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2021. <>