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Agora M 273 Amphora

Beirut 1 Amphora

Beirut 2 Amphora

Beirut 3 Amphora

Beirut 8 Amphora

Dressel 4 Amphora

Forlimpopoli Amphora

Knidian Amphora

Rhodian Amphora

Tripolitanian Amphora

Tripolitanian Amphora Type 2

Campanian Amphora

Corinthian Type A Amphora

Corinthian Type B Amphora

Crétoise 1 Amphora

Crétoise 2 Amphora

Crétoise 3 Amphora

Crétoise 4 Amphora

Dressel 1 Amphora

Dressel 23 Amphora

Dressel 24 Amphora

Dressel 5 Amphora

Dressel 6 Amphora

Günsenin I Amphora

Günsenin II Amphora

Günsenin III Amphora

Kapitän 1 Amphora

North African Keay 25 Amphora

South Italian Keay 52 Amphora

North African Keay 61 Amphora

North African Keay 62 Amphora

North African Keay 62Q Amphora

Kenchreai IV RC10 Amphora

Kenchreai IV RC22e Amphora

Late Roman Amphora 1

Late Roman Amphora 14

Late Roman Amphora 2

Late Roman Amphora 2 Small

Late Roman Amphora 3

Late Roman Amphora 4

Late Roman Amphora 5

Late Roman Amphora 6

Late Roman Amphora 7

Middle Roman Amphora 3

Middle Roman Amphora 4

Middle Roman Amphora 5

Middle Roman Amphora 7

Middle Roman Amphora 8

Samos Cistern Amphora


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“Amphora.” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2023. <>