Unclassified Amphora [permalink] [show more links]
The use of this “type” can indicate that the record is incomplete and will be improved, that the form is currently unidentified, or that the sherd does not support further identification.
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KP1988-003 (Agora M 273 Amphora)

KP1989-012 (Kapitän 1 Amphora)

KE 29 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 153 (Hellenistic[?] Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 154 (Early Roman Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 247 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 270 (Roman[?] Amphora Stamp)

KE 356 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 506 (Amphora with Graffito)

KE 547 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 588 (Early Roman[?] Amphora Stamp)

KE 595 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 616 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 620 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 673 (Sherd with Graffito)

KE 674 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 675 (Amphora with Graffito)

KE 677 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 678 (Amphora with Graffito)

KE 762 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 854 (Amphora with Graffito)

KE 855 (Late Classical-Hellenistic Amphora: handle with graffito)

KE 856 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 857 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 859 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped neck)

KE 860 (Jug with Graffito)

KE 863 (Late Roman Egyptian Painted Jar)

KE 955 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 956 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 1042 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 1044 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 1046 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 1050 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 1055 (Hellenistic Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 1147 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1148 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1149 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1151 (Amphora Sherds with Dipinto)

KE 1152 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1154 (Amphora Neck with Graffito)

KE 1162 (Early Roman Amphora Stamp)

KE 1203 (Roman[?] Amphora Stamp)

KE 1210 (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic Thasian Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 1484 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1488 (Amphora with Graffito)

KE 1531 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1534 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1536 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1538 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1539 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1540 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1548 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1754 (Roman[?] Amphora Stamp)

KE 1759 (Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 1974 (Hellenistic Rhodian[?] Amphora: stamped handle)

KE 2184 (Early Byzantine Pontic Amphora)

KE 2230 (Amphora)

KE 2238 (Roman Amphora)

KE 2252 (Middle/Late Hellenistic South Italian Amphora)

KE 2345 (Amphora Toe)

KTH0117a-c (Burned Potsherds)

KTH0499 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0633 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0687 (Amphora?)

KTH0693 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0694 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0695 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0726 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0727 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0744 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0752 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0769 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0872 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0891 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0902 (Classical or Roman Amphora)

KTH0909 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0915 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0957 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0965 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0969 (Middle-Late Roman Amphora)

KTH0972 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1035 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1049 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1097 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1108 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1112 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1114 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1143 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1154 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1236 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1247 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1258 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1320 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1330 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1340 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1342 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1371 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1414 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1424 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1435 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1442 (Roman Large Jug or Amphora)

KTH1484 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1515 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1608 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1650 (Roman Pontic[?] Amphora)

KTH1657 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1671 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1810 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1851 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1862 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH1895 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1903 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1911 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1932 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1995 (Roman Amphora)

KTH1997 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2021 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2044 (Roman Amphora)

KTH0245 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2047 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2050 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional[?] Amphora)

KTH2058 (Late Roman Table Amphora)

KTH2061 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2069 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2090 (Roman Amphora: sherd with dipinto)

KTH2108 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2111 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2152 (Amphora Toe)

KTH2220 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2222 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2283 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2301 (Roman Aegean Amphora)

KTH2394 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2440 (Roman Aegean Amphora)

KTH2441 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2444 (Hellenistic-Roman Bifid Amphora Handle)

KTH2445 (“Bat-Wing“ Amphora)

KTH2446 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2447 (Early Roman Cilician-Cypriot Amphora)

KTH2471 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2474 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2476 (Early Byzantine Regional Amphora)

KTH2478 (Early Byzantine Regional Amphora)

KTH2495 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2497 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2680 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2686 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2725 (Late Roman Amphora)

KTH2749 (Roman Amphora)

KTH2751 (East Pontic 1 Amphora with dipinto)

Suggested citation
“Unclassified Amphora.” In Kenchreai Archaeological Archive, edited by J.L. Rife and S. Heath. The American Excavations at Kenchreai, 2013-2019. <http://kenchreai.org/typology/p-amphora-unclassified>