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Excavation Area
Logical part of
The Chicago/Indiana/Vanderbilt Excavations under the American School
Physical part of
The Archaeological Site of Kenchreai in Greece
Has physical parts

Field Book Number C 6 (Discarded)

Field Book Number C 7

Field Book Number C 8 (KE 2, Antefix)

Field Book Number C 9 (Discarded)

Field book number 1963 C 12

Field book number C 19

Field book number C 20 (Coin)

Field book number C 23

Field book number C 26 (Excavation Box 26)

Field book number C 29

Field book number C 30

Field book number C 31

Field book number C 32 (Iron Pieces)

Field book number C 33 (Coin)

Field book number C 34 (Glass)

Field book number C 35 (Glass)

Field book number C 36 (Ke 33, Sigillata)

Field book number C 41 (Sherds and discarded [disolved] coin)

Field book number C 42 (Lamp)

Field book number C 43

Field book number C 44

Field book number C 45 (Inscribed Sherd)

Field book number C 54 (Ke 45, Glass)

Field book number C 55 (Ke 23, Plaster)

Field book number C 58 (Ke 23, Glass)

Field book number C 61 (Ke 18, P 11)

Field book number C 62

Field book number C 69

Field book number C 71 (Coin)

Field book number C 72 (Coin)

Field book number C 75

Field book number C 76 (Ke 20, Metal Stakes)

Field book number C 77 (Bronze Hook, discarded)

Field book number C 78 (Lamp Fragment, not inventoried)

Field book number C 82 (Fishing Weight Mold, stone)

Field book number C 87 (Ke 50, Glass whorl)

Field book number C 92 (Glass fragments, discarded)

Field book number C 94 (Ke 2252, Amphora)

Trench C63-I-1

Trench C63-I-2

Trench C63-I-3

Trench C63-I-4

Trench C63-I-4 (extension)

Trench C63-II-4

Trench C63-II-4-extension

Trench C63-II-5

Trench C63-II-6

Trench C63-II-7

Trench C63 II 8

Trench C63 II 9

Trench C64-A

Trench C64-B

Trench C64 I

Trench C64 II

Trench C64 III

Trench C64 IV

Trench C64 IX

Trench C64 V

Trench C64 VI

Trench C64 VII

Trench C64 VIII

Trench C64 XI

Trench C64 XII

Trench C64-B

Trench C66 Extension I 1

Trench C66 Extension I 2

Trench C66 Extension I 3

Trench C66 Extension I 4

Trench C66 Extension I 5

Trench C66 Extension I 6

Trench C66 Extension I 7

Linked to

Co 61 (Late Roman bronze coin of Licinius II Caesar from Heraclea)

Co 841 (Middle Roman antoninianus of Salonina from Rome)

KE 19 (African Red-Slip Hayes Form 104)

KE 25 (Late Roman Athenian lamp)

KE 30 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 31 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 41 (Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 111 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Asia Minor Lamp)

KE 165 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 168 (Early-Middle Roman Frying Pan)

KE 174 (Middle Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 188 (Early Roman Italian Lamp with Handle Ornament)

KE 200 (Early Roman Situla with Dionysiac Mask Appliqué)

KE 203 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 204 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 234 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 247 (Roman Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 274 (Archaic Miniature Phiale)

KE 288 (Early Roman Italian Lamp)

KE 300 (Terracotta Figurine of Aphrodite)

KE 331 (Sawn Animal Bone)

KE 340 (Roman Small Stewpot)

KE 348 (Glass Fragments)

KE 368 (Middle Byzantine Regional Impressed-Ware Bowl)

KE 392 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 396 (Middle Roman Painted Thin-Walled Cup)

KE 425 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 437 (Early Roman Corinthian Basin with Text in Relief)

KE 438 (Roman Amphora with dipinto)

KE 445 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 474 (Late Roman Athenian Red-Slip Plate)

KE 483 (Middle/Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 489 (Hellenistic Black-Glaze Kantharos with Graffito)

KE 504 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 505 (Kenchreai IV RC 22e Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 525 (Limestone Mold for Lead Fishnet Weights)

KE 544 (Kenchreai IV RC 22e Amphora with dipinto)

KE 550 (Middle Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 558 (Late Roman Asia Minor Imitative Lamp)

KE 559 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KE 566 (Early Roman Italian Lamp)

KE 569 (Late Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 570+1309 (Late Roman Regional Lamp)

KE 571 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 572 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 599 (Bowl-Shaped Strainer)

KE 600 (Marble Herm)

KE 621 (Kenchreai IV RC22e Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 623 (Classical Attic Red-Figure Vessel)

KE 636 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 640 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 644 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KE 657 (Prehistoric Obsidian Blade)

KE 679 (Kenchreai RC22e Amphora with Dipinto)

KE 694 (Corinthian A Amphora with Stamp)

KE 710 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 711 (Middle/Late Roman Athenian Lamp with Two Nozzles)

KE 734 (Middle Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 742 (Late Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

KE 744 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 747 (Late Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 754 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 755 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 838 (Knidian Relief Ware Patera, Emblema)

KE 848 (Late Roman[?] Small Jug)

KE 863 (Late Roman Egyptian Painted Jar)

KE 864 (Early Byzantine Regional Lid with Incised Decoration)

KE 868 (Lion‘s-Head Spout)

KE 904 (Bone Button or Counter)

KE 932 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Regional Lamp)

KE 933/705 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 934 (Late Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 940 (Late Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 948 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 963 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

KE 984 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 985 (Early/Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

KE 987 (Hellenistic Asia Minor Lamp)

KE 990 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

KE 1075 (Bone Pins)

KE 1103 (Knidian Relief Ware Patera, Emblema)

KE 1282 (Athenian Painted-Ware Bowl)

KE 1729 (Late Roman Corinthian[?] Lamp)

KE 1757 (Early Roman Italian Lamp)

KE 1879 (Early Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

KE 1968 (Bronze Chain)

KE 2128 (African Red-Slip Stamp)

KE 2160 (Eastern Sigillata C Hayes Form 1)

KE 2162 (Phocaean Red-Slip Hayes Form 6 with Stamps)

KE 2163 (Phocaean Red Slip Hayes Form 1B)

KE 2164 (Phocaean Red-Slip Stamp)

KE 2233 (Amphora Stopper/Lid)

KE 2254 (Middle Roman Small Trefoil-Rim Pitcher)

KE 2255 (Middle Roman Painted Thin-Walled-Ware Stemmed Cup)

KE 2256 (Late Roman Amphora 4)

KE 2257 (Middle Byzantine Sgraffito Bowl or Plate)

KE 2258 (Eastern Sigillata C Hayes Form 3)

KE 2260 (South Gaulish Ware Bowl)

KE 2261 (Pontic Sigillata Cup with Barbotine)

KE 2266 (Middle Byzantine Sgraffito Plate)

KE 2281 (Late Roman/Early Byzantine Ephesian Amphoriskos)

KE 2282 (Late Roman Amphora 3)

KE 2297 (Late Roman-Early Byzantine Imported Frying Pan)

Ke 2297 bis (Late Roman-Early Byzantine Imported Frying Pan)

Ke 2415 (Early-Middle Roman Corinthian Lamp)

Ke 2417 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

Ke 2418 (Late Roman Corinthian Lamp)

Ke 2420 (Late Roman Athenian Lamp)

Ke 2421 (Late Roman North African Lamp)

Ke 2422 (Early Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

Ke 2423 (Early Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

Ke 2424 (Early Roman Italian Lamp)

Ke 2435 (Early Roman Corinthian Imitative Lamp)

Ke 2440 (Middle Roman Athenian Lamp)

Ke 2441 (Late Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

Ke 2442 (Late Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

Ke 2443 (Late Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

Ke 2444 (Late Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

Ke 2445 (Late Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

Ke 2446 (Late Roman Asia Minor Lamp)

Ke 2454 (Late Hellenistic-Early Roman Aegean Lamp)

Ke 2455 (Late Roman Corinthian Lamp)

Area C Notebook I

Area C Notebook II

Area C Notebook III

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